Thursday, December 8, 2011

here we go again...

I have a real problem with how this town's most famous newspaper represents us. Mainly, I don't think they represent us at all. And who is "us"? Sure, I'm including myself and my menagerie of four-legged helper animals on The Anti DC's staff, but I think it's safe to say I'm including you, too. See, I think we've all found a place over here not just to complain about what's wrong with this place, but to stand up to and against those DC stereotypes that keep this city off the world's map of righteous sh*t. I mean, how can we expect to compete with New York, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong or, goddammit, even probably Iowa City, if this is what we think this city cares about the most?

OK, so I just linked to the Washington Post's 2011 Influential Tweeps poll. As benign as it seems, I'm not hating on the fact that a contest like this exists. After all, I'm on Twitter, you're probably on Twitter, hell, most of DC is on Twitter. Nor am I bitter I didn't make it. My last few tweets have had to do with my new Tumblr, A Million Pictures of My Cat: Lots of Pictures of the Same Cat. True, I may be a self-important, semi-creepy cat lady in training, but I have no delusions about where my tweeting ranks in the grand scheme of things (hint: rock bottom). Plus, I have friends on that list, so it's not a bad idea, nor bad in its iteration entirely.

What I'm complaining about, here, is the small cross-section of categories the Post seems to think describes DC and what this city cares about. If you'll notice, there are no categories for people who tweet about music, art (although there will be, supposedly, according to an update on their site) or theater... And no, if the argument is that it's bundled under "Nightlife," that's pretty damn lame. Really, the only saving graces are the food and fashion categories when it comes to cultural coverage in this poll. All said now, I can't help but read between the lines. Does the Post not give a sh*t about the stuff that makes life worth living? Or do they think their readers don't? I welcome explanations.

But what's most irritating here is that the Post made sure to include this category:

Yes, you read that correctly. It says, "Favorite government agency." Because who needs art and beauty in this world when you have the United States Department of Agriculture? Oy.