Tuesday, September 8, 2009

adios! and hola...

A funny thing happened to me this weekend. I was sitting Saturday afternoon in the park on 16th right in front of the White House when a group of squirrels approached me, apparently, trying to love my nuts.

We all looked at each other and had a moment not unlike this one:

Those retarded, morbidly obese and Johnny-Depp-like squirrels made me realize something. I think maybe I will miss DC. Or at least it's magical film reenacting wildlife.

Which brings me to the big announcement I've been hinting at lately -- I'm leaving DC.

In fact, this is probably my last post as The Anti DC. (I say "probably" because, really, who ever knows anything for sure.)

Which brings me to my other big announcement: I've started a new blog! While it'll be different from The Anti DC in several respects, my writing, occasional vlogging and this narcissistic personality of mine will remain consistent. This isn't a break-up; this is actually taking things to the next level. So, if you're willing, please e-join me over at Marissa's Big Adventure, "like Pee-Wee's, but even more retarded." Especially if you care to find out why I'm leaving DC, where I plan to go and what I plan to do. (Ahh, I know that's a cheap ploy to get people to click over to my new e-home, but, hey, by this point if you expect me to do anything with class, we might as well just e-part ways now...)

Before you go, though, I want to get serious for a second. (Just a second, I swear) I want to thank you. Thanks for reading, commenting and laughing with me about DC's numerous, yet often hilarious shortcomings over the past almost two years. Perhaps pathetically, your e-friendship have sometimes been the only thing to keep me sane in this hot mess of a city. So, again, thank you, from the bottom of the spot where my heart should be.

OK, that was longer than a second, but, hey, at least I didn't cry. Oh...God...I spoke too soon!

But before we jump to conclusions about The Anti DC having emotions, I'll tell you that I'm really crying because I'm not leaving until October. Which means if you have a moment and want to buy me a farewell drink this month, either get on my Facebook and message me or E-mail me at theantidc@gmail.com. (While I won't be tending to this blog so often anymore, I will still check my mail.) And by "buy me a farewell drink," I mean "and also buy me a meal of food." Just kidding! I don't eat.

At this point, I'm just curious to meet some of the people who have made this blogging experience more than just a hobby, but a very strange and important part of my real life. Wow. I don't think I've ever felt more like a dork (read: myself).

Seriously, don't make me miss you. Come over to marissapayne.wordpress.com!




BAD said...

>But before we jump to conclusions >about The Anti DC having emotions, >I'll tell you that I'm really >crying because I'm not leaving >until October.

Thanks for giving me this last big LOL

No Faith In Humanity said...

obviously, since we are of similar mind, we are potentially of similar drink. wanna come booze in ballston this weekend for the penn state game?

Marissa said...


It's funny because it's true!

no faith in humanity--

Is it curling season? I love that sporting game. Just kidding. Email me time and place and I'll see what I can do, although I may be out of town this weekend.

Missy said...

Congrats and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad someone has been able to find a way out of this city. If it couldn't be me, at least it's someone who also has, let's say, mixed feelings about this city.

You're an inspiration to us all, Marissa!

-anonymous brian

p.s. I'll look into this new blog but only if you plan on continuing to discuss beans (how about a long-overdue vlog about beans?).

p.p.s. I guess this means the dream of a Beanery (known as Good Fibrations) on 14th St is, for now at least, dead

Patty Duke said...

Great to see that you are evolving. I would love to by you an drink and some food. I'll email you.

Peter said...

Shit I guess I better erase your bookmark toolbar button from my work computer. MBA can get its spot though.

Jennifer Rados said...

Awe...how can I vicariously love, hate and miss my hometown now? Besides going back and visiting my family? sigh. Keep bloggin

Anonymous Alcoholic said...

Shouldn't it be "part e-ways" instead of e-part... And, have you actually met somebody you got to know through your blog? I would like to, if I wasn't several thousand kilometers away from DC! I really liked your Anti DC blog. Definitely going to take a look at the new one


Marissa said...



anonymous brian--

Hell no! Good Fibrations will live on..


Let's do it! (And I agree, it was time for a change)


MBA. I must say I was like "Master's of Business Admin?" I clearly need to get the fuck out of here...


Oh the blogging will continue. I think it'll be a lot better now at the new home. marissapayne.wordpress.com

anonymous alcoholic--

In fact I've met some very good friends through this blog, a couple bloggers and others who aren't. Well, if you're closer to Chile, then maybe we will meet! Otherwise, I have some other world travel plans in the works.

No Faith In Humanity said...

just realized i totally forgot about the ballston boozing. well, you did not miss anything good aside from a friend getting drugged by one of 500 potential creepers. let's rearrange said drinking.

Marissa said...

no faith--

No prob. I was actually in NYC. Not getting drugged, but getting pulled around in a rickshaw by a dude dressed like Spiderman. True story. There's apparently supposedly a YouTube video of the experience...