Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fire sale!

For those of you who missed yesterday's very predictable announcement regarding my retirement as The Anti DC, I'll fill you in real quick: I quit.

But that's because I got a new gig over at

Click over there, bookmark it, put it in some sort of reader or feed and more importantly, peep my latest vlog. It's called "Fire Sale!" and its about exactly what it's called. Well, except for the fire part.

In the meantime, I'm going to throw this out there. It seems like there are actual real-life people (as in more than one) who want to buy me libations before I switch hemispheres. That is 1) fantastic, but also 2) it gives me an idea. I'm thinking if you read this blog, you probably have a certain sense of humor and philosophy on life. Which means, perhaps various readers may want to meet each other. Is this theory true? Would anyone be interested in perhaps setting up a group rendezvous during which not only can I get sh*t-faced for free, but all of you could maybe meet each other too. That way when you meet me and realize I'm really not all that interesting, I won't feel as awkward when you say, "Yeah, so...I'm just gonna go over there now..."

Let me know!


Anonymous said...

Marissa, I am your very last reader. Please give me all your booze,
John T at the giant hologram detector

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who read "Which means, perhaps various readers may want to meet each other." as "so, people who read my blog are creepy and I'd prefer to meet them all, at once, in a VERY public place and just get it over with"?

That being said, I support the idea of a group rendezvous.

-anonymous brian

Marissa said...

john t--

Consider it done.

anonymous brian--

Am I that obvious? Just kidding. I actually wasn't thinking that at all, but that is a very good point. You sick freak. But I was actually trying to be altruistic. I think the readers of a blog like this might has some things in common that could translate into real-life goodness. It'll be a movement of like-minded complainers. I like it.

LiLu said...

Love to- just tell me when and where!

Victor9000 said...

I'd try to make it. Congrats on the job and on hitting up a country that knows what it wants - coastline - and goes out and gets some.

Patty Duke said...

I'm all for it. I will definately make time for it.

Anne Berlin said...

eek! lilu will be there? 2 dc blogger chicks i follow in one place? bring on the awkward.

Ben (The Tiger in Exile) said...

I'm actually rather tempted...

If the Anti DC happy hour goes forward, I may have to hit it up.

Marissa said...


Well, if I ever get my shit together regarding this, I'll let you know. But I gotta say, I'm scared of large groups of may have to hold my hand.


My God, it's been too long since we've discussed bad denim in DC. If we ever meet, I will make it a point to bring up that topic. For the masses.


That is very nice of you. Now I just have to get over my fear of inadequacy as I am not a very cool person...


It's you who will make it less awkward. Like I said, the more people around who aren't me...well, that's probably for the best for everyone involved...


I'll wear my Norm Coleman shirt just for you. That is, if you wear something that says Glenn Beck on it.