Tuesday, May 10, 2011

important life lessons

Have you ever hung your head like a shamed elephant and walked down a DC street? While it's not the most comfortable walking position, it may in fact be a life-saving one, lest, of course, you actually want to step on some pretty deadly objects. In that case, you should be even more ashamed, elephant, because that's gross. I won't go into some of the objects I found on DC's streets, nor will I say why I was so concerned right now, because that's what I do during this never-awaited next episode of The Anti DC. Please, enjoy at my expense!


Nicole said...

Loved this!

I never throw my razor blades onto the street. I keep them tucked in my hair. Just in case. You never know when you may need to cut someone.

Also, it's been at least a few minutes since I've seen a computer screen smothered by an unamused cat so thanks for that. Now my day is complete.

More episodes of The Anti DC please!

Anonymous said...

I'd pay for Marissa-based voyeuristic webcam show. I was disappointed that I didn't get to see "anything" when you picked the computer up off the floor... was hoping to see you in a skirt with no panties!

Marissa said...

Nicole -- That is a way better plan for what to do with all the billions of old razor blades I keep around!

Anon -- What the f*ck are you talking about? You got to see my Topsider loafer. And I think somewhere in there my cat also flashed you his neutered balls. I'm upset if that didn't satisfy your perv streak.