Sunday, April 19, 2009

party in the eastern bloc!

Not to be forgotten in the wake of Western Jesus's resurrection, it turns out that, thanks to the "Old Calendar," it's Eastern Jesus's day to zombie-up today. That's right, it's Russian Orthodox Easter! I hope you saved some Peeps for Putin...

С Пасхой!


Anonymous said...

Celebrate and have some kilbasi!!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that whenever I google myself your blog comes up? Oh, I see, you have an obsession with me. Seriously girl, if you want to chill out you can come to my dacha anytime. In the meantime, however, keep up with those hot pics of myself.
Yours truly,
Vlad P

Daniel said...

It(was)'s Greek Easter too! Χριστός ανέστη... εγκέφαλοι!

Marissa said...

anon1--Not a bad idea.

anon2/Vlad P.--Stop teasing me, Vova. If I could call a Russian radio station up right now and request a song for you, it'd be a Dima Bilan track. Romantical.

daniel--Eastern Jesus power!