Tuesday, February 12, 2008

don't make me slap you

The day has finally arrived! Radiohead announced the first leg of their U.S. tour today and they are indeed coming to DC! Well...sort of. They're actually coming to Virginia -- Bristow (WhereTF, right?) to be exact. So much for their eco-friendly tour as you need a car to get out to that kind of boondocks.

Ahem...but anyway, eff carbon emissions! It. Is. On.

They'll be at the Nissan Pavilion on Sunday May 11. Tickets go on sale Thursday and you can bet I will not eff around and miss out on this purchase like I did with Wilco (who will be at the 9:30 Club Feb. 26 & 27 -- by the way, anyone want to give and/or sell me a ticket? is this thing on??), while "entrepreneurs" purchase tickets in bundles and sell them off for five-plus times their face value. I want to slap those assholes in the face, yet I also kind of want to be one. I like money.

Anyway, you heard it here first...OK, second...fine, third. Wait! Nope. I was second, just after the likes of Billboard and Pitchfork. I scooped DCist! In their faces. (J/K, -isties!)

In other news, did everyone see Kanye West and Daft Punk perform "Stronger" at the Grammy's? It is Tron-er-iffic tight. In case you missed it:


Peter said...

I am waiting for your angry blog entry when you go to buy tickets, are the first one in line/online, and tickets sell out in .17 seconds and you don't get any.

Sigh. I hate tickets.

I-66 said...

I wonder how many people watched that performance and wondered "who is Daft Punk and why are they with Kanye West?"

Getting to Nissan Pavilion isn't all that bad really on a weekend. If you were trying to go out there on a weeknight I'd pray for your soul, but on a Sunday it should be sufferable.

Marissa said...


I have a secret weapon getting me tickets. But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. If you jinxed it, I will cut you.


More importantly, how many people read this and asked what "Tron" was? My memory of my early childhood is tight. Anyway, I hope you are right about the roads. I can't stand traffic.

John said...

god that was awesome. thank you for that youtube clip. i read about that, but was either too lazy to seek out the clip, or was at work (where, interestingly, youtube is not blocked).

god russia sucks for not having daft punk concerts.

and many other reasons, of course.

Marissa said...

Yeah, that performance was ridiculous. I've watched this clip easily like 15 times.