Monday, November 12, 2007

a dc antidote.

For seven months I've kept my mouth shut about DC's more unfortunate shortcomings. For seven months I've said nothing of this city's unofficial dress code, or the fact that work ID badges are considered accessories, or even the ridiculousness that is this.

To shorten my thoughts on DC in three letters: WTF?!

Is Washington, DC, a real city? Besides the total dearth of towering architecture that composes most other American city skylines, DC also lacks a certain hipness that characterizes various neighborhoods in America's more typical urban environments. New York has Soho, the Lower East Side and Nolita; Chicago has Wicker Park and Lincoln Park; San Francisco has Haight-Ashbury and Mission.

And population is no excuse. Even smaller cities have their hotspots. For example, Minneapolis (pop. 372,811) has Uptown and Dinkytown. So, DC, with your population of 581,530, what are your stylish hoods? Dupont? Adams Morgan? Or (*gasp*) Georgetown?

A short stroll through any of the above will likely prove otherwise on the whole. However, there are certain spots in each of the aforementioned neighborhoods (well, except for Georgetown) that are passable.

Yet for each decent bar, brunch spot or boutique I find in DC, there still exists that not-so-small problem of finding a well-dressed, witty crowd to fill it. Seriously, DC, un-pop the collar, try on some flat-front pants and, for the love of God, take off your work ID when you're not f*ing working.

Help me help you, Washington. Welcome to The Anti DC.



My new hero...!

Marissa said...

Hero? Oh my. Are heroes really as snarky, bitchy and superficial as me? Hmm... Spiderman is a bit of a jackass. And the Incredible Hulk? Total drama queen with all his hissy fits. I should smash things more...and grow big green muscles. Sweet.

59th & Lex said...

Well, it's safe to say I've found my true love of 2008. You.

Marissa said...

59th & lex --

Norm? Norm Coleman? Is that you?!?!?!

59th & Lex said...

No. Sorry. I'm a girl. Sorry to burst your bubble! 59 & Lex, site of Bloomingdales, it's like no other store in the world, Bloomingdales is my Fashion Alias. For commenting on the fashion blogs. I'll email you and unmask.

Righteous (re)Style said...

I CAN NOT believe that City Paper article about Late Night Shots! It made me want to hurl. What the hell is wrong with all those men - and the women who want them? For Christ's sake?!!?? WTF?

I have had a standing rule over my 17 years (yes, oh my god) in Washington - never go to a bar where women are wearing pearls and men are wearing polo shirts. I have basically been in out in Georgetown twice - and I think I was drunk before I got there.

Marissa said...

59th --

Even though you're not Norm *sigh*, I'll look forward to the reveal. And you're right about Bloomies, although I have more familiarity with the Soho location, which coincidentally is where I got my amazing Argentine leather/sweater (sounds weird, I know) coat I'm wearing in my profile pic. God, I miss that store...

righteous --

Seventeen years? You should get some sort of huge cash prize for that. I agree with you 100 percent about Georgetown after dark. I've been only once and that was enough to scar me for life. *shudder*