Friday, November 16, 2007

the perfect secret santa gift idea, or unisex item of the day

Oh boy! It's that supremely awesome (read: awkward) time of year again when coworkers are forced by their bosses to become one with the holiday spirit and participate in the ritual of "Secret Santa" gift giving.

It's that time of year when you agonize over whether it's OK to re-gift the present you received in last year's festivities to someone else (duh, of course it is). Or in my case, it's when you accidently think out loud that some lucky fool is in for the gift of his or her life -- a super-high quality stapler I found tucked between the copier and the shelf in the supply closet. (Yep, I tend to keep it classy.)

However, I hate spoiling surprises. So, when my big mouth ruined my gift idea, I decided to come up with some (equally classy) alternatives. Here's what I found:

Unilke me, most of my coworkers live in Virginia and Maryland, where not only are they free to bear arms, but I think it might even be a requirement. In DC, on the other hand, the decision is still out on gun laws at least until Nov. 20, which is when the Supreme Court is supposed to take up the issue. But from what I understand, that brouhaha is all about tiny little handguns -- items much to puny to warrant the BackUp.

However, even if you're not the rifle-toting type, the BackUp could still prove useful. While it's tailor made to snuggle your long-barreled pistol just so, the BackUp could probably be used to store a host of emergency items. Perhaps a baseball bat for midnight clubbing? Or a baguette for midnight snacking! Or, maybe even some sticks for kindling in case you need to get a fire going on the quick. And if you get a second BackUp for the opposite side of the bed (more and more people are doing it, after all. Get with the program!), you can fill it with skewers to roast marshmallows, which clearly are already stashed for emergency purposes in your nightstand. Nothing thwarts crime better than delicious Smores.

Wow. I really should get into marketing.

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