Wednesday, November 14, 2007

words of wisdom

I’ve said this before (possibly in at least half of my posts) and I really can’t say it enough. The Blackberry does not belong on your belt.

But don’t take my word for it, take Arash Shirazi’s.


You know, Arash, A-Shir, Shirazizzle. He’s apparently in the music biz (yes, in DC) and one of this city’s 10 best-dressed men, according to Washingtonian magazine. He’s "classic but remixed with a little edge." What kind of edge? "I’ll wear a nice shirt and blazer with Adidas shoes." Work it, Arash!

But Mr. Shirazi hasn’t always been so gifted style-wise. He’s been through tough times, learning the hard way -- as an example for all of us -- what might be the key to not only his but also society's fashion success:

I was told to never ever wear my Blackberry on my belt. It was stolen when I was in Milan, and I thought that since it’s a city that takes fashion seriously, maybe it was deliberate. I went to the police station, and the first question everyone asked was, "Why would you wear your Blackberry on your belt?"

Be still my heart, Italians! Thank you. And see you in December.