Friday, November 30, 2007

good ol' google!

So there I am, checking my e-mail in my in our overly air-conditioned office (wearing fingerless gloves and an XXL denim company shirt that amazingly no one picked up at some conference many moons ago), when something catches my eye on the side of my Gmail: "Schwetty Balls -- Can You Handle Our Schwetty Balls?" My gut reaction was to LOL, which I did. I almost ROFL'd, but I capped it at LMAO-ing.

Ridiculous acronyms aside, however, I hesitated before I clicked. I thought, "Why would Google generate an ad for something dirrrrty from my email, which was about trains?" Is there some sort of euphemism I haven't learned yet? "I love trains" -- could that possible mean something NSFW (I'm an acronym machine, my friends)? I had to find out.

In surprising twist, led me to Schwetty Balls golf balls.

It took me a while to decide whether I thought this was funny or not, but then I perused the site a little closer and found the testimonials:

"I just got a case of Schwetty Balls at my company's Christmas party. What an awesome product. I love your Web site, too. I'm ordering a bunch of Schwetty Balls. I'm gonna stuff my Schwetty Balls into stockings this Christmas!" —Victor, Glen Cove, NY

"I never knew how great it was playing with Schwetty Balls until a friend handed me his to whack around! Thanks for the balls, they're awesome!" —Jason B., Ontario, Canada

"I was excited to play with my Schwetty Balls and now I'm even more excited! They seem to straighten out my big bender." —Larry F., Watervliet, Mich.

It's funny like Mike Seaver's best friend Boner on Growing Pains. N'est-ce pas?


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