Wednesday, December 19, 2007

markey teleports himself "over the internet"

One of my favorite politicians (OK, someone shoot me for saying that) is Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.). Regardless of whether I agree with his politics or not (a subject I won't touch on this blog), the man is unquestionably entertaining. Whether he's ranting about cargo security (with props!) or composing poetry to the Boston Red Sox, Markey is my go-to politician for comic relief.

Now, once again, Markey has outdone himself. He's taken his act off the House floor and has transferred it to the virtual world, according to a House press release:

"Confronted with a need to be both in Washington, DC, to push a clean energy bill through Congress and halfway around the world in Bali, Indonesia to address the United Nations climate summit, Chairman [of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming] Edward Markey turned to the virtual reality community called Second Life. Creating a 3-D version of himself (also known as an avatar) he was able to travel online to OneClimate Islands Virtual Bali conference center where he delivered the first international speech by a Member of Congress in a virtual world."
The best parts of the speech occur within the first minute when Markey declares that he is "the first member the United States Congress to be introduced by someone with a blue dragon on her shoulder." But I digress, virtual Markey is something to be seen not described, so here he is in all his "teleported over the Internet" glory...

Now I’m no expert on virtual communities considering my knowledge of "Second Life" begins and ends with a very special episode of Law & Order SVU, but from what I gathered, I can tell you that for each virtual green zombie, goth butterfly and floating Darth Vader, there is one real-life nerd trying to take a byte (LOL!) out of global warming.

In other words, we're doomed! See you guys in hell!

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