Monday, December 3, 2007

FEMA gets ill*

First came the Beastie Boys.

Then came Eminem.

Then came, um, Bindi Irwin.

And now? Where has white-boy hip-hop taken us?

Straight to the palest of them all. The Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Apparently, in between not caring about black people and staging fake news conferences, the Federal Emergency Management Agency found time to cut a record. And, my, oh my, is it a gem (it's pretty hardcore, dropping all kinds of names like flood, tornado and earthquake, my bad, I mean 'quake). And even though Michael Brown's not there anymore, in my mind, he is the the one spitting the dope lyrics.

Thank you federal government. Thank you for spending my tax dollars on such hot beats.

*Title courtesy of co-worker, who discovered FEMA's skillz.

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