Monday, June 16, 2008

putin and i are mokrye

That's right, Putin and I are flippin' soaking wet.

I made the ridiculous decision to ride my bike, Baguette, to work today without listening to the weather report. It looked nice enough. It was even a little hot and definitely sunny. A damn fine day to ride a bike to work, or so I thought.

However, while the "look-out-the-window" principle may work in other parts of these United States, I should know better that it never works in Washington, DC.

Not only did the sky turn black in a matter of minutes just as I was getting off of work today, but the temperature dropped about 20 degrees -- literally, it went from 88 to 68 in a matter of minutes. WTF?!

Anyway, I thought about leaving Baguette in the office, but I love that bitch too much to leave her there so I decided to just brave the rain with Putin, whose fair visage I donned today on the most awesome T-shirt ever. I love my Putin shirt. I bought it on the Arbat in Moscow for a performance with my old band (before they kicked me out for being too awesome) Babette the French Whore. Not only is it navy blue, one of my favorite colors, and DIY custom cut, but Putin's expression is priceless and so suitable when talking about the succubus that is DC's weather. Seriously, it'll get you when you least expect it.

Anyhow, I tried to replicate it below, but apparently (and perhaps surprisingly), I have yet to perfect that delicate balance of equal parts smug asshole and heartless robot. I look more like I'm just pissed off because I'm f*cking soaking wet. I'm also pissed at the drivers on Columbia Road who 1) almost hit me, 2) idled their jalopies in the bike lane, and/or 3) probably didn't appreciate the Putin.

And in case you're wondering, we're looking at our newly procured copy of Boobytrapping and wondering if, indeed, it is boobytrapped. And just in case you're wondering what you're looking at, you're clearly looking at someone who has lost her mind. This is what happens when I post THREE TIMES IN ONE DAY! WHAT?!


I-66 said...

I won't even ask what you had to google to get that Putin picture. I mean, when you got it originally so long ago, not just now.

Tippi said...

I have to emerge from lurk-hood to ask: Did you really go to French camp? Because that just boosted you to all new levels of awesome.

- Carmen (<--- French camp name!)

Marissa said...


It's amazing the photos will post of its president.


Welcome to the comment-hood! I heart comments, so I thank you for this one. And oui oui, indeed I did go to French camp -- Lac du Bois. Actually, I worked at Lac du Bois in college, but was a camper at the Russian village -- Lesnoe Ozero -- when I was in high school. Bon temps in northern Minnesota. Mon dieu, my French is so bad...

Beach Bum said...

Totally got soaked too on my ride back home. Dodged fallen trees, even cut myself on my leg somewhere, but didn't even notice when it happened (except when after the ride when I noticed the blood down my leg).

At least I missed the "storm" part of the rain. And of course, as soon as I got back to my (power-outaged) apartment, the clouds cleared and the sun came out. Now THAT's irony (not the stuff Alanis Morrisette likes singing about).

Tippi said...

Aaah I went to Lac du Bois too!! Hackensack me manque beaucoup! (Bemidji kids were spoiled; electricity? Bah!)

...And since I'm apparently on a commenting roll, I have to say that I loved your "give my pants a try" post. I scored some superb skinny pants at Buffalo Exchange, and all I ever get is bewildered looks and "Wow, those pants are RED."

Marissa said...


Oh Jebus! That sounds horrendous. Hope your leg healed. As pissed off as I was at the time though, for having gotten soaked (and subsequentially seeing the sun shine about 15 minutes after I got home), it was actually quite an interesting experience to ride in such heavy rain. Yeah, I'd do it again.


Yikes! What year were you there??? I worked there the summer between of '99. (Except I was totally at the Bemidji site. I heart electric power.)

And on the subject of pants -- nice find!

And on the subject of thanks for reading this blog -- thanks for reading this blog :)