Monday, June 9, 2008

do svidanya

Remember the last time I announced a hiatus and it lasted for all of 36 hours? Well, I've hopefully learned from that mistake and will never lie to you again. See, there are several retarded events going on over at The Anti DC headquarters this week, so the royal we is going to take a true break from the blogosphere. Like, for reals.

And lest you think The Anti DC isn't serious this time, my people in my head at my headquarters assure me that it is all a'shambles over there. Total chaos. Yep, so The Anti DC is taking some time off to reorganize. Well, not really reorganize, per se. I mean, The Anti DC shall remain as retardulous as it was since the day of its inception (a.k.a. the luckiest day in the history of humanity.) when makes it's grand e-return next week, but trust that it'll come back with its sh*t tighter that ever. That's a promise, um, and possibly a threat, I suppose.

In the meantime, I invite you to relive some of The Anti DC's most steaming piles of tight sh*t by perusing through the archives. I'm especially fond of this, this and, of course, the couplet of this'n'this. Um...and this...and this...and this. OK, I'm done now.

But even greater than the high-tech toilet that is The Anti DC, are several other blogs and Interweb sites that I've come across in my sordid past, including:

Monk-E-Mail -- The most effective means to harass your coworkers, friends and strangers. (Also, the best way to propose marriage.)

FFFFOUND! -- Ooooo! Pretty pictures! -- Ooooo! Catch a predator! -- If you heart huskies.

The Museum of Online Museums -- An edumucational time-suck!

Yacht Rock -- Possibly the most enlightening take on the 1970s and 1980s ever, as well as the best e-series next to Planet Unicorn (heyyy!).

And last but not least, CNN's Rick Sanchez getting tasered and his colleagues then enjoying a nice chuckle at his expense. Oh that Sanchez! Next thing you know he'll be jumping off a the SS Verne Troyer to simulate a cruise ship emergency!

Seriously, is there anything Sanchez can't do? *sigh*

Until we e-meet again, see you in hell!



Anonymous said...


Boo. I show up and you leave. I should shower more.

I-66 said...

wtf, Goose?

I-66 said...

nllm mlln

ms. spinach said...

well, hurry back! or don't. er, hmmm.