Friday, August 14, 2009

i learn new things every day

It’s that time of year, month, week again when I opt to leave to DC for greener pastures. Or, in fact, in this case a big-ass lake (again, not to be confused with big ass-lake) and a boat. Life is rough when you’re fun employed...

No, really. Life is rough. In order to maintain my jet-setting ways at a reasonable price, I have to take flights that make me get up at 5 in the morning. As expected, considering my brain is already functioning at levels on par with those of the “intellectually disabled,” I thought I’d limit my blogging today to simple observations at BWI.

What I see: Lots of fat kids eating McDonalds; a Kate Gosslyn dead animal haircut on a 20-something (this greatly upsets me); and a probable homosexual in European-looking pointy-toed loafers.

So far, this last observation is my favorite and not just because of his Eurotrash footwear. He’s also having what might be the most salacious conversation I’ve had the pleasure of rudely eavesdropping on in years. It’s even better because I can only hear one half of it since the other party is only represented to me by the bedazzled Bluetooth this scandalous man has attached to his right ear.

“I have a bruise on my arm.”


“Oh just from being thrown.”


“Of course it was fun!”


“A hundred bucks.”

I told you it was salacious! Oh my…!

Anyway, have a great weekend and most of next week. Once again, the blogging will be spotty because, well, like I said, I'M ON A BOAT!


Shannon said...

If I had to guess, I'd say he rode a mechanical bull as part of a contest at a bar.

Please don't ask why that seems so plausible to me.

Caitlin said...

The Lonely Island, great choice!

Marissa said...


Indubitably! I think you are on to something! Considering I've ridden a mechanical bull (albeit just once in my life), I know indeed one can get a bruise from being thrown. Actually I was pretty good...I gotta look into the Baltimore mechanical bull scene more...$100 is nothing to sneeze at...


I've had a soft spot for the Lonely Island since I interviewed their friend Chester "Chez" Tam in grad school years ago for an article on entertainment and the Internet. My favorite project of theirs is still this one: Table Dance . I'm a big fan of the dry hump.

Jennifer Rados said...

2 weeks ago at bwi i witnessed a 40 something man with family crocheting a blanket. It had been a long delay. For all of us...

Marissa said...


That's actually kind of amazing...