Friday, August 6, 2010


Remember that project I referred to in the past? I'd Google my past references to it for you, but I trust you'll just take my word for it. I'm lazy.

Anyway, it's arrived. And it's much sh*ttier than I had envisioned it. So, sorry about that.

But then again, with such a low bar, we can all look forward to upcoming iterations of The Anti DC Show to be very much improved. For now, though, enjoy this metaphorical flaming bag of dog doo-doo that I just left on your e-front door. You're welcome!


AJS said...

You could get elected mayor of DC on a more fried meats on a stick platform. Not a platform made of friend meats, although that might work too.

Videos are hilarious, keep them coming.

Scotus said...

The stick of butter intrigues me, and I think he'd make a better mayor than Gray or Fenty. It's not too late for an independent run.

Also, I'm pretty sure playing with dice by yourself is a warning sign of a serious gambling problem. Be careful.

Ben (The Tiger in Exile) said...

More fried meat!

I understand why Republicans are about as popular as... the clap... but couldn't an independent win?

Patty Duke said...

The question remains, how may of those participating in the straw polls will actually come out to vote. I've seen Gray signs in my neighbors' yard, but I have yet to see them show up at polling precents to vote.

Debbi said...

Your pilot show beats the hell out of any reality show I've ever seen. In fact, it's better than many fictional shows I've seen.

Please just remember us little people after Hollywood or a big New York publisher discovers you.

Marissa said...


Thanks! And yes, I plan to. I'm hoping to soon get my hands on some more legit video equipment so I can add the graphics and features I have in my mind.

As far as fried meats go, I sure as hell would not mind running on that platform. Metaphorically and literally. Delicious.


Butter for Mayor. It's got a ring to it. "No more dry toast!" I'm sold.

As far as gambling by myself, well, I was technically with my Terry the Tourette's Turtle. He was talking to me. He's a really sh*tty bluffer.


For an independent to win, it would have to be the perfect storm. I can't see it happening anytime soon...even with a fried meats on a stick platform.


That's a really good question. I guess we'll have to wait until 9/14 to know...


If only... although, I suspect if I can get my hands on the right equipment, I can make something worthy of that praise. Thanks! :)

cutteing said...

Nice. I posted on FB about getting your hands on Final Cut (lite). It's an excellent editing software. I'm not a fan of IMovie either.

Keep the Tourettes Turtle in every show!!!

Cutting Keyboard

Marissa said...


Thanks! I should've had the TT just go on without me last week!