Friday, October 15, 2010

the dc9 incident = endless gary busey fists

And of course with all my whistleblowing of the Bible around here lately, Jesus has struck me immobile via a stomach kerfuffle. Because that's how it works, right? Certainly, it couldn't be the guacamole I ate last night that had been sitting uncovered in the back of my fridge...

Anyway, enough about all that, mostly because right now I have to take a bathroom break...

Here. Watch this video. I'll be back in a few minutes...

Well, that was fun. And I'm not talkin' about the video! Ew. And while my bowel movements are disgusting (and by "disgusting" I mean "the rainbows aren't as bright as usual"), this story is really gross. According to NBC4, a man got BEAT TO DEATH last night by a few DC9 patrons after throwing a brick through the club's window in retaliation of having been kicked out of then face-controlled (in this case, denied re-entry).

Um, WHAT. THE. F*CK. I don't get it. And while I'll get to the whole beating-someone-to-death thing in a minute, let's start at the beginning because this whole story is one big clusterf*ck of endless Gary Busey fists.

It's scary and I don't understand.

1. DC9 has face control?

Look, I've dealt with face control before. I used to live in Moscow. It was necessary there to keep riff-raff like me out of the same space the oligarchs came to watch DirectTV with their mistresses and mini baby giraffes. But face control in DC is just retarded, especially at a place like DC9. Last time I was there (which I admit was well over six months ago), it was half empty. It also smelled like poop...and not the rainbow kind.

As it turns out, according to an anonymous commenter, the man had previously been in DC9 but was then kicked out due to drunken dickishness. The commenter said the man was only face-controlled when he tried to re-enter the club.

2. Someone gets so mad that they can't get into a mundane DC bar, so he throws a brick through the window?

Clearly, this person has no clue what fun is. I can tell you most certainly, it doesn't happen all that often after dark in DC and it certainly doesn't involve throwing bricks through windows of smell clubs. Seriously, get a new hobby. Philatelist > felon. Although, in this case, I guess it's too late for the vandal...

3. And we're allegedly killing now because someone acted like a dick and broke a window?

If this did happen the way the police say (the five suspects who have been arrested deny they beat anyone), it's like punching a toddler in the face for drawing on the walls. Sure, the toddler is at fault for being petulant (assuming he knows better), but there's a better way to go about teaching someone a lesson than through corporal punishment. Take away his crayons. Or in the case of the DC9 vandal, call the police. (That is, I guess, if they didn't set you up, which is the implication here.) There's a million of them around U Street now anyway since that other senseless killing happened.

4. And the police are charging people with murder before the medical examiner even rules the guy murdered?

We're all f*cked. Seriously, for a city full of people who so often think they're smarter than the rest of America, we sure do act dumb. It doesn't take a graduate degree to learn when enough's enough.


Anonymous said...

He wasn't turned away because of some "face control". He was in the club earlier, but was beligerantly drunk, and was thrown out. He tried to come back in, and was refused entry.

I did not see this incident go down, but I will say this. If he did indeed die from getting beaten, I'm absolutely positive the people who did beat him up didn't even think of the possibility of him dying. That's the problems with getting into fights - you never know when just one punch may hit the person just right, or he may fall and hit his head, and bam! He's dead, and you're a murderer. I highly doubt the intended outcome was to beat this guy to death over throwing a brick through a window.

Marissa said...

Thanks for the comment. I'll change my wording to reflect the updated information. However, about whether it was intentional to kill or not, they did. From my view, it makes it no less a crime and definitely no less disgusting. It may have been an accident to go that far, but it wasn't an accident that six people (which is the number being reported) went up against one with intention to hurt. No matter how big of a dick that guy may have been, his punishment didn't fit the crime.

Anonymous said...

first, you ever been to dc9? it's a small place with tables and seats near the windows. if you throw a brick through a window there, you're literally hurling a brick at people's heads. a patron or employee could've been killed. not saying it's polite to beat somebody to death, but if somebody hurled a brick at my head, that's intent to kill. all bets are off.

second, you ever dealt with dc cops? they're never around when you need them. i've had property vandalized, and friends victimized in washington constantly, repeatedly, for years and cops do nothing. if that sort of police apathy and sheer ineptitude holds up much longer, you'll be seeing a lot more people taking matters into their own hands (aka fighting back).

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Anonymous at 5:27pm has been watching a few too Death Wish movies. I like Charles Bronson as much as the next guy, but I don't think all the vigilante movies of the 70s and 80s are meant to be How To instruction guides for living in a city. Stick with Jackass 3D man.

-Anonymous Brian

Your Buddy. said...

When I heard there was something going on as asinine as what happened at DC9 (admittedly, i fucking hate U St. and all the hipster fucks that hang out there, therefore, i've never heard of DC9 before this happened) I instinctively turned to your page, which I know, it's fucking scary in and of itself. :)

But god damn, people need to take a chill pill in that city. I could say more, but you get the jist.

AF fan said...

The men arrested were the owner and other employees of DC9, not patrons. They say they were trying to detain the violently drunk man who had just thrown a brick through the window. The cops say the man was viciously beaten. Maybe, just maybe, it was something in between?
I agree with Anon @ 4:29, I highly doubt there was intent to cause this man's death.

Victor9000 said...

So maybe this is a little too legal, but I just though it might be useful to break down the various categories of crimes that result in a death.

1. Murder (homicide) - causing the death of another with intent to do so or knowledge that your actions would likely result in death - max penalty: life in prison
Example: shooting a gun at someone at close range

2. Manslaughter - causing the death of someone without intent or knowledge, but due to reckless behavior - max penalty: 30 years
Example: hitting a pedestrian while drunk driving

3. (I think DC has this one, but don't know for sure) Depraved Heart Murder - causing the death of someone without intent or knowledge, but in a manner so reckless as to show disregard for the basic value of human life - you can be convicted of homicide for this - max penalty: life
Example: driving on a crowded sidewalk at 40 miles an hour

From the admittedly incomplete facts of this case so far, I'd say the prosecutors will try to prove homicide, but most juries would find manslaughter at most. Likely sentence: longer than a drunk driving manslaughter conviction due to the aggravated assault, but probably lower than the max.

Patty Duke said...

Manslaughter, due to the fact that they chases him with the intent beat him. They didn't intend to kill him, but their alledged reckless actions caused his death.

Question: Calling the police wasn't a possibility?

Marissa said...

Thanks for you comments, everyone. I'm sure I'll revisit this case when/if more facts ever come to light.