Friday, September 19, 2008

have a good weekend!

(If it's taking a while to load, just click here for the funny rape joke.)


Boomhauer said...

Coming to a campaign stop soundtrack near you: Get Your Rape On by Missy Elliot


Barracuda - The Rape Remix

You lying so low in the weeds
I bet you gonna ambush me
Youd have me down down down down on my knees
Now wouldnt you, barracuda?

Boomhauer said...

I just realized, upon further reflection, that if we converted to a rape-based economy, we wouldn't be in the kind of economic pickle that we're in now. "Liquidity Injections" would certainly be a lot easier, and we wouldn't have to borrow from the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate Palin, I hate it more when democrats stoop to the level of limbaugh and make shit up that sounds horrible. where this story got started is that when she was mayor of that podunk town the state law said that the police should charge for use of a rape kit. the law was changed when she was in her second mayoral term and there was no fuss or muss about it.

god I feel dirty defending her

Anonymous said...

Ah... How many male minds have the thoughts "rape" and "Palin" crossed paths since she debuted?

I wrote a funny. No, but seriously. :|


Anonymous said...

PS. The other videos on that website are equally as hilarious.


Peter said...

Funnily, a rape-based economy is one of the options under consideration by Ukraine now that their stealing shit-based economy has failed to work out as expected.

Marissa said...


I agree with you about twisting facts for political gains. It's pretty vile, which is why I don't affiliate with the GOP or the Dems. OK, there are other reasons too, such as my core philosophical beliefs, but anyhoo, I still heart Get War War On. They're just damn clever.