Thursday, September 25, 2008

my other life

I like to keep most aspects of my non-e-life offline, not because I find my life extraordinarily embarrassing at times (the very fact that this blog exists attests to the fact that I'm pretty much immune to embarrassment), but mostly because I don't want to piss those few people off, who put up with my relentless ridiculousness on a regular, face-to-face basis. Nor do I want to get fired from my job. Therefore, I keep talk about personal relationships, friendships and work to a minimum.

Wait, what? Bullsh*t you say? OK, so we all know I have no feelings or social graces. The real reason I don't blog about those things, as you may have noticed, is because I'm a bit of a megalomaniac with strong, mostly baseless opinions to share -- a feat that doesn't leave much room on this blog of unlimited space but limited time to delve into, you know, the sh*t that matters.

However, once in a perfect blue e-moon, my paid profession will coincide with my personal disgust for DC -- my stated anti-DCness, as it were -- to produce a rip in this blog's space/time continuum. Ta-da! And so, I invite you to exit this virtual space (not forever, I mean, but just for the moment...please come back...) and enter another. A news-y new site dubbed Culture11 was kind enough to allow (and pay) me to unleash my fury over there, but in a much less retardulous manner. Don't worry, though (just let me pretend you are), you can take the girl away from her retardulousness, but you can't make the girl no longer retardulous. Um...yeah. Even I'm going to close this window now. But like the ever-wondrous inexhaustible goblet, my e-tank will be refilled soon, meaning I'll be able to virtually whiz all over this blog again faster than you can say "ew." Yep, it's true -- ancient toilet metaphors never get tiresome. Now, if I may beg, please enter the The Anti DC rip in the space/time continuum: CLICK HERE (please)!


Elle Gee said...

Hey--I didn't know you were smart!

Excellent job. And it reminded me to ask you, Marissa, if you've ever paid a visit to the burrito man selling out of a cart at 15th & K. I hear he's back after a long absence (during I which I peaced out to New York).

It's delicious and cheap!

Boomhauer said...

Who knew you were some kind of east-coast conservative/libertarian. Tres sexy.

nate said...

I LOVE the burrito guy! He is back, I actually just got a black & tan the other day.

suicide_blond said...

this is why i drive out to VA every day.. its actually cheaper to commute daily (with supreme flavored gas) in a Porsche 911 than to try to operate in this crazy city... xoxo

maryjanejeff said...

Carlos is back? Yeah! Are we thinking of the same burrito guy. Carlos on 16th and K rules!

Marissa said...

elle gee--

My sounding like a idiot is totally calculated...definitely. Yum! Burritos!


More citizen of the world. And, yes, a smidge libertarian. NOW GET OFF MY LAND! Just kidding.


Damn, I need to try one of these street-cart burritos!


Wow. That is kind of depressing. But sweet ride!


What the mothereff is in these magical burritos?!

Matt said...

Great read, about your (potential) lemonade stand-ing, behind that link.
Interesting to hear where you grew up at, too... I spent awhile down Blue Earth Co. way, pretending to get a college education in Mankato circa 1992... Didn't work out so swell, though. Damned Square Deal bar held my attention more than studies! After a couple of quarters I made my way back to South Mpls., and resumed my ne'er-do-well ways...
Anyhow, Madeline, it was a good read!

Peter said...

When I was in DC last, walking near the mall I thought "Shit someone should write an article on these Asian vendor people selling me $4.00 waters"


Lu said...

very cool blog. i like.

maryjanejeff said...

Whatever is in those burritos on 16th and K is good stuff, that's for sure. Used to always give me a lot of energy for runs or workouts after work.

LivitLuvit said...

Oh, the 16th and K burritos- LURVEEE.

Great article, woman. Stick it to the man!

Marissa said...


Thanks, Marty.


You're also the man who let me know about "jagbag."


Thanks! And likewise...ahhh, Dostoevsky... :)


Wow. A burrito you can eat before a workout? Hot damn!


Good gawd, I can't believe a burrito stand has stolen my thunder! I really need to get to that stand. And, thanks. The Man needs to be kept in check!

Elle Gee said...

NO, no, no, the Burrito guy at 15th & K. His name's John, but his cart's name is Pedro & Vinny. There's a nearby impostor, I believe at 17th & K? Don't go there.

I think the meeting I requested in DC on Monday was solely an excuse to get my Burrito Man Fix. Sick.