Monday, December 22, 2008

goodbye oh eight.

As I look forward to putting one hell of a year behind me, I find myself vigorously planning for 2009. And I don't mean that figuratively. I'm actually last-minute scrambling around trying to figure out what glorious beach in Nicaragua I'll be learning to surf at in early January (ideas and surfing tips appreciated, by the way). What this means is that I'm going to go off schedule when it comes to taking care of e-business. That is, instead of whittling away hours in front of the Web ruminating on all the stupid sh*t that somehow passes for routine around these parts, I'll be watching Point Break over and over and over again. Basically, I won't be blogging every single day. Probably. Who knows.

But before I go on a sporadic, probably short-lived break from the blogging non-business, I want to share with you my hellish observations from earlier today.
  • The waitstaff at Cafe Asia in Arlington is functionally retarded.
  • And I think their red curry has lots of MSG in it.
  • Pentagon City is hell hole.
  • The sales associates at the Borders out there blow.
  • And they're illiterate.
  • Best Buy doesn't give out bags for their larger products.
  • Linens'n'Things has bags, but will not give you one unless you make a purchase.
  • The sales associates also cannot be bribed with a shiny dime to give you a bag.
  • I suspect a sales associate at Barnes & Noble at Metro Center lied to me on the phone.
  • I thought about stopping by on my way back from Virginia to prove my assumption correct, but thought better of it when my Cafe Asia MSG headache really started to kick in at around 3 p.m.
Like I said, "Goodbye, 2008."

But before I really grab this year by the proverbial seat of its badly tailored pants and kick it out of my life for good, I want to pay due diligence to a small subsection of it that didn't suck. This was a good year musically -- a fact I was reminded of by a reader with exceptional musical tastes.

His efforts to put together a list of his Top 25 songs of 2008 inspired me to try to do the same. (Specifically, putting emphasis on the "try" because this was hard...that's what she said...) And if you don't agree with me, don't blame me; blame the MSG. It's still definitely in my head...or I suppose that could be the bottle point five of wine I consumed last night that's coming back to let me know I probably shouldn't have consumed that last .5 liters. But what's a lush girl to do when she has two weeks paid vacation??? Exactly.

Moving on, here's 2008's ultimate (or at least penultimate, as I think my musically astute reader has me beat) playlist in reverse order.* Consider it my aural gift to you. (I said AURAL!)

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

25. The Killers -- Human
24. Raconteurs -- Salute Your Solution
23. Ghostland Observatory -- Dancing on My Grave
22. Crystal Castles -- Vanished
21. Cut Copy -- Unforgettable Season
20. Kanye West -- Love Lockdown
19. Deerhunter -- Nothing Ever Happened
18. Fleet Foxes -- White Winter Hymnal
17. The Roots -- Criminal
16. Bon Iver -- Flume
15. Portishead -- Nylon Smile
14. Chairlift -- Bruises
13. MGMT -- Weekend Wars
12. Snowden -- Anti-Anti
11. TV On the Radio -- Love Dog
10. Liam Finn -- Second Chance
9. Vampire Weekend -- Oxford Comma
8. Santogold -- You'll Find A Way (Switch and Sinden Remix)
7. Cold War Kids -- Relief
6. Hot Chip -- Out at the Pictures
5. MGMT -- Kids
4. Liam Finn -- Better to Be
3. Foals -- Red Sox Pugie
2. TV on the Radio -- Halfway Home
1. All I Need -- Radiohead


LiLu said...

How did you know my ass had totally gotten fat and I needed new music to get my workout on after the holidays??

Thank you much, lady.

Skywalker said...

Leave the VA alone! PC isn't that bad. You just got to adjust - I adjust to DC.

Anyhoo, I only agree with like 3 of your songs on this list.

2008 was an okay year...there were some nice historical moments, nothing too horrific happened - I call it an even year.

As for Cafe Asia - never ate there so I don't know about the MSG...then again, I typically avoid Asian cuisine or make it at home. Try Olde Towne Alexandria - they're not yuppies like in Arlington.

Marissa said...


For a really good workout, I suggest getting the whole Hot Chip album, Made In the Dark. I actually oly recently came around to this album after I heard the song "Out at the Pictures" at a dance party. It is a sweet, dance track. And so I relistened to them again about two weeks ago and was like, "Holy mother of awesome, Hot Chip's sh*t is tight!" (I believe that is exactly what I thought...) Anyway, I can actually send you the whole album. Either as a whole if you hae Pando (an awesome file-sharing program) or as individual tracks if you don't.


I'm interested, which songs on the list do you agree with? I had a HARD TIME trying to narrow everything down. I tried also not to double up, but with MGMT, Liam Finn and TV on the Radio (the three albums I had on constant repeat, threepeat even), I just couldn't help myself. And I know I'm missing stuff...and it might be in the wrong order...I quit music journalism for a reason...but I'll always love it.

And really, it's not a knock against Arlington, per se, but the service at Cafe Asia was HORRENDOUS. The waiter tried to start an argument with me telling me I didn't sign the credit card slip, which I clearly did. And finally he was like, "Oh, you did. OK." And then never apologized for his mistake. It was kind of an example about what not to do to get tipped well.

Sophia said...

That's why I always order for delivery at Cafe Asia.

I agree with PC. I hate shopping there but only do so b/c I like the sale associates at L'Occitane.

Borders is ok. I'll leave it that.

Good Riddance to LT! Shop at BBB on the Row; much better deals.

Lemmonex said...

Another thing about the PC Mall? No fucking toy store. Really?! Wtf.

Marissa said...


I have know idea what BBB at the Row means! I don't get out to VA all that often though...I prefer to shop online. It saves me time and the experience of dealing with actual people.


Really?! That is, indeed, wack.

maryjanejeff said...

You didn't even mention the Costco! You forgot the Costco! I normally love Costco, but the Pentagon City one deserves its own category in clusterfuckaville.

I guarantee you is better than Cafe Asia.

Righteous (re)Style said...

Is it my work's insane firewall, or is there something wrong with this music player?

Love the Killers.

Are you going to see them in VA? Got an extra ticket?

Marissa said...


I had no idea there was a Costco there. Never been in one.


WHAT?! Damn! Maybe it lasts for only a limited time...argh.

Marissa said...

Oh and re: The Killers. I'm wish I could go see them, but I too don't have a ticket. Argh, again!