Tuesday, December 23, 2008

simple songs inspired by animals and assholes

It has come to my attention that animals are very talented. So talented, in fact, that besides just doing what they do (like riding mopeds), these animals inspire people to make music.

Now, for anyone who knows me (or read this blog yesterday), you know music is very important to me. In fact, I'm kind of obsessed, if by "kind of," I really mean, "disturbingly." So, when fellow DC blogger LiLu of LivItLuvIt showed interest in the little list I put together yesterday, I instantly began e-accosting her with a series of emails accompanied by copious amounts of MP3s. And while I didn't expect anything but extreme gratitude and maybe an e-restraining order in return, she was kind enough to send me a video, which includes three of my most favorite things in the world -- a hamster, a piano and popcorn.

This video blew me away. (I'm easily amused...)

Not only is this talented hamster nothing short of amazing, but the soundtrack...it's...it's...BRILLIANT. Just listen (well, and watch, too ... this is too goddamn adorable).

Hamster on a piano! Hamster on a piano! Eating popcorn on a piano! Yeah the minute I saw you on that piano eating popcorn, I knew you were no ordinary hamster...

Such a simple tune, yet so poignant. Indeed, that is no ordinary hamster! But more than that, this song reminded me of something...but what?

So I did what anyone too stupid to think for themselves would do and forwarded it to The Law, who replied within seconds, "Wait -- does this remind anyone of Wesley Willis?"

YES! WESLEY GODDAMN WILLIS! "Hamster On a Piano" is like a Wesley Willis song for children!

And while I noted Wesley Willis isn't really suitable for the kids, he is certainly most suitable for this blog. In fact, I now feel inspired to make a Wesley Willis-style song about not wearing visible nametags on the street. "Take off your nametag! It makes you look like an asshole!" Yep. Instant classic.

But I digress. I need to perfect those lyrics before I release that ditty for public consumption. In the meantime, let's return to the animals. It's a Chimpanzee On a Segway!

You're welcome.


LiLu said...

The chimp on a segway KILLS me... but not as much as the hampster, or "boogie boogie hedgehog."

Do it. You know you want to...

Happy holidays, lady, and thanks SO much for the new jams!

JC said...

Damn, I miss Wesley Willis. Thanks for that. "The mullet is the reason why people hate you." Love it.

Anonymous said...


Marissa said...


Boogie woogie hedgehog...intrigued!


I know. WW was a genius. RIP.


Thanks! Snow leopards' asses are incredibly hard to whip!