Friday, May 8, 2009

time really flies...

Wow. It's been quite a while since I blogged every single weekday. It's as if some aspect of DC I truly loved vanished in the last week and now I have a lot more time on my hands. Hmm...

But anyway, as I sit here looking out my window at the sun while Sven continues to build his arc (he says, don't worry, this sunshine you're seeing will disappear by evening), I wait for the Internet to entertain me. Thankfully, it always comes through and for that, I owe it my life. Or at least my e-life. But I'm not greedy. I would never fathom keeping all this awesome sh*t the Internet throws my way just to myself. Nope. I'll share it. Of course this would all be oodles more generous if this wasn't already free or already seen, but, you know, I do what I Latin!

Unus! Wow that sounds a lot like anus...or Uranus! My goodness, that pronunciation will never stop being funny.

Duo! Returning to DC from, ahem, Uranus, I found something surprisingly and incredibly entertaining in the Washington Post. Meat cards. I want. Nay, I need.

Tres! Almost as cool as carrying laser-inscribed beef jerky in your bacon wallet, someone composed Paranoid Android on MarioPaint, a Super Nintendo game that I've never even heard of. There goes my nerd cred!

Quartuor! And don't get me started on not being a nerd because if it's nerdy to hate that every Top 20 song uses autotune these days, then I don't ever want to be cool. That sh*t is a bad way. But thank God these guys make it funny. (Uh, I may or may not have posted this before. I don't care. It's funny.)

Quinque! Finally, this cartoon was forwarded to me by an e-friend on Twitter of all things. It is a sweet-ass link, or maybe a sweet ass-link, just like Uranus is a sweet ass-planet. Who doesn't love linguistic-based jokes?!

Have a sweet ass-weekend, everybody!


Patty Duke said...

LOL That video has some funny lines:
Uranus is a gas planet.
Uranus has only been visited once.

Freeze the video at :059. The expression on his face really fits the subject of this video

Marissa said...

LOL! Nice freeze frame. That vid is top notch.

John said...

Is he coming back?

Marissa said...

Are you talking about Jesus? As magical as I am, I cannot answer that.