Tuesday, September 28, 2010

web regurgitation: some mildly interesting sh*t

While Malcolm Gladwell was busy trying not to Twitter about his article about Twitter, I was all over the Internetz scouring all sorts of social media and blogs for this very special run-of-the-mill edition of The Anti DC's Web Regurgitation, in which we highlight some of the past day's most mildly interesting sh*t. But don't fret, for good measure, I threw in some very interesting sh*t too. But that comes later. Anyway, let's get this sh*tshow over with. Onward!

Don't let the name fool you -- this is not the Congressional Chorus. This is. And while I'm still hoping to see Karl Rove make a "musical comeback" (and I'm using those terms loosely), I'm guessing that jagoff won't be showing up for the upcoming auditions.

Speaking of performances and representatards of American politics, gotcha media sweetheart Sarah Palin showed up at Dancing with the Stars Wait...Who Are These People? last night to support her granddaughter's baby mama and guess what?! Americans finally seemed to have freed their brains from the formaldehyde-filled 9/11 jars that Glenn Beck pickled them in and started using them again! Well, maybe. See, Sarah Palin possibly got booed last night. It's hilarious until you see the audience applaud for her during her very shrill Q&A. Thank God for mute buttons.

Now in less dumb news, David Simon is reluctant to accept his MacArthur genius grant because he was hoping for Honey Nut but all they had was regular. (NSFW if your work sucks.)

Finally, THIS MAN, who doesn't look a day past 94! No, really. This sprightly 114-year-old is looking amazingly good. And his stories? Incredible.

Seriously. I love Walter. Every day is a good day...even in DC. Awww...

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Walter is my hero!!