Monday, November 17, 2008

so important i forgot the title...


It's no secret that I'm retarded. I meant to break this hot news this weekend, but I was too lazy not really doing anything at all, so it clearly slipped my mind.

But how?! I don't usually f*ck around when it comes to espousing my love for the world's best club act, Claire Hux.

One half of the group itself, DLake, was kind enough to inform me last week that the group plans on officially releasing its latest mixtape tomorrow, which means posting today, while still inexcusably late, is still breaking news. By a few hours, at least.

However, the real news would've been if he had told me Claire Hux was coming to DC. Unfortunately, I'm still anxiously awaiting that one. Or maybe I'll just have to make that happen because, they're funny, talented and they inadvertently featured me in the background of their latest promotional video. (Fortunately for me, as I look as I described myself above, I'm harder to find than Waldo.)

In the meantime, download the latest Claire Hux mixtape HERE and make sure to tell your e-friends, real friends and anyone else who likes to dance because if there's any justice in this world at all, these guys will be taking over the world soon! Or at least a nightclub or two a million and it's better to get in on the proverbial ground dance floor now. Just sayin'.


Just got word that Claire Hux may be planning an Inauguration Day event with several DC-based DJs!!! Mental note it, physical note it, digital note it -- JANUARY 20! More details to come...



Anonymous said...

you cannot be serious...

this is the corniest act I've ever seen.

it's like a dodgy version of Yo Majesty with two dudes.

Marissa said...

What?! Of course I'm serious!

The thing about Claire Hux is that they aren't. That's the beauty of it. Their act is all about letting loose and just having fun, which, I suppose, could come off as corny, but to me it just lends to a good effing party. For instance, I think we're all collectively laughing at the lyrics of "2 Much Dick on the Dancefloor." There's nothing corny about it when you just take it for what it is, in my opinion. But, as with everything, to each his or her own!

And, no offense to Yo Majesty, but Claire Hux's beats are much better...