Thursday, November 13, 2008

mind A LOT blown

Remember when I mused about Dan Deacon earlier this week and how the crowd miraculously didn't suck? Then remember the next day when things returned to normal at Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band? Well, after last night's DIPLO show at the Black Cat, my mind is all in a tailspin again because:


I don't know what happened. Perhaps, a tear in the space-time continuum opened up and swallowed up all the douches, leaving just those who -- hold on to your skinny jeans -- like to actually dance at dance parties because that's exactly what happened.


In fact, when DIPLO would periodically give the occasional rhythmic shout-out to DC, it didn't even sound the least bit sarcastic. More unbelievably retardulous, I actually responded unsarcastically with a genuine WOOT! It was as if I had died and gone to Baltimore (which I'm still convinced, thanks to the likes of Dan Deacon, Claire Hux and a slew of other phenomenal acts that hail from there, is a little slice of heaven on Earth). And to save us all some time and unnecessary suspense, I'll just go ahead and say it:


I really did. And at times I even loved it, like when I saw a man dressed like a giant slice of pizza surf over the crowd, or when a hot dog came up and started dancing with my friends and I:

By the way, the one who's not a hot-dog is my new friend Marcus, who is awesome because he also believes Claire Hux to be the best club act of all time. You can't refute facts.

It was crazy, in general, and balls buns out insane for DC. In fact, the entire scene last night was just begging to be captured on film. However, considering one need stand still to take a proper picture, this is all my non-stop sweet-dancing ass could capture:

I honestly don't even know if this is upright.

I did manage, however, to have better luck with the video mode of my sh*tty technology, which sort of captures a bit of what was going on. It's short because I couldn't stop myself from casting the visual media concerns of this blog aside and concentrating solely on having a good time (did I mention it's pretty much damn near impossible not to dance when DIPLO spins?).

Thanks DC. I hate you less!

But before I blow out the last proverbial speaker on the single-cassette-deck ghetto-blaster that is The Anti DC Live Music Week, I want to discuss a theory that came up in the comments section the other day regarding the 9:30 Club. Commenter Chris advised:

If you want to enjoy a show, stop going to the 9:30 club. For some reason that place attracts everyone in D.C. who doesn't like music.

Black Cat, RnR, DC9, Velvet. I've always had much better times at those places.

Looking back at my past experiences, I think I agree with Chris. Is it too much to ask for an audience that chooses to show up at a concert to actually listen to the act that's playing? Or, you know, cover up gratuitous ass crack? 9:30, I just don't get it. I'd say I'd see you in hell, but really, I'll just see you in December when Ghostland Observatory graces your stage. I guess I just never learn...


LiLu said...

See, it ain't all bad. I hear you on 9:30 tho... I've never had a bad time at RnR, fo shiz.

I-66 said...

You've gone soft. Like goose down.

Victor9000 said...

Nice post - sad to say the 13 year old in me made me go see Smashing Pumpkins last night, and while he thoroughly enjoyed the first hour, he was sorely let down by the time Billy reached the gay-vampire-cabaret-Kenyan-jam-band portion of the night. The 28 year old in me would've much preferred Diplo.

On your 9:30 point, I love it. I've seen shows there that were objectively good, but I could sense that they weren't as good as they could have been, due to the weak-willed complacency of the crowd.

Worst quality-to-audience-reaction ratio: Dizzee Rascal

Best (but still not what it should have been): M.I.A.

On the upside, lame crowds make for better All Songs Considered recordings.

jheisel said...

And I had such high expectations of the 9:30 because of this:

Marissa said...


I once had a very weird time at the Hotel. Upstairs was cool, but then we went downstairs and it was parent-teacher conference day or something. I don't know what was going on, but there was a high concentration of legitimately old people.


That was lovely.


Diplo seriously stops time when he spins. I don't understand it! He just knows.

And I was AT Dizzee Rascal! I did NOT understand that crowd. That confused the hell out of me.

Good point about All Songs Considered, btw. Perhaps, I just need to buy a damn radio.


Now, if that would've been someone cool like Berezovsky, I could see why your expectations would have led you to believe that...but some douche from Jersey City? You're better than that!

Shannon said...

I was at the Black Cat on Wednesday! Spooky.

Marissa said...

Were you wearing any of the following? A hot dog suit or a pizza suit?