Friday, November 21, 2008

tmi friday?! macgyver style.

A bunch of DC-area bloggers recently began engaging in what I believe LivitLuvit dubbed "TMI Thursdays." Since I'm not really all that anonymous, I've opted to keep my TMI-style stories to myself. Until now.

And although this hardly -- or at all -- delves into the body-fluid-centered stories of my e-compatriots (examples of which you can read here, here and, if you dare, here), the story I wrote recently for The Smart Set illuminates some dark, cold corners of my life before DC or "BDC," as it were.

To give you a preview, it starts off with me rolling out of a silver Mercedes in St. Petersburg in 2003. Did I mention it was moving? Because it was.

Anysweetsurvivalskills, to read my little tale of retardulousness, CLICK HERE!

And please do enjoy it; forward it to your friends and family; commission me to write an article for your publication; give me a book deal, or at least get another LOL at my expense.

From both of us (BDC and ADC -- that's after DC, of course),

We'll see you in hell. :)


jheisel said...

there are actually two starbucks on old arbat.

LiLu said...

WOW. Just wow. Makes my bodily fluid stories seem a wee bit less significant...

And also VERY GLAD I've never had a gun pulled on me. I'll take a little period-mishap over that anyday.

Marcus "King Kong" Dowling said...

I am speechless. That sets the standard for TMI too high for us all, and is such a totally awesome and bad ass story.

You rule.

- Me.

Marissa said...


WHAT?! Outrageous!!! Tell me the Viktor Tsoi kids are still there at least!


It's amazing though how different people's perspectives can be over there. I look back and it's more like, "Holy sh*t. I really should've worried more..."

On the note re: trauma. Um, I think you win. The fear of TSS will always win. And might I add, you have some gigantic balls (the proverbial kind, clearly) for telling those stories. I'm beginning to think we should collab on a sitcom...


Thanks! Although I don't know how "awesome" it is compared to simply "irresponsible" or "idiotic." But I think it is a bit badass. As far as TMI, though, I don't think I've raised any bars. (See above.)

Stevious said...

That very same thing happened to me the last time I went to Glasgow.

Marissa said...


Hold up. Are you saying you're not actually a Latvian prostitute then? WHAT?!