Thursday, November 6, 2008

rock'n'roll posters and half-a-dozen guns

Two of my most favorite things in life are rock'n'roll and art. So when I get a chance to meet'n'greet with a person who combines them both, I jump on it. Well, not literally. Although I hear people may not think that's out of the realm of possibilities anymore, as I'll admit I'm a bit of a wild card (bitches). But alas, still contending with a touch of the plague, I only metaphorically jumped on John Foster's art exhibition, which took place at Dahlak last night and featured a wall full plus-some of his most awesome rock'n'roll posters.

Seriously, the man's got talent (as if he needs to hear, or rather, see that again):

I now own this last one (thx JF)!

However, never one to be outdone and always one to hook for attention, I decided to draw upon Mr. Foster as inspiration and create my own rock'n'roll poster. Or at least a retardulous image of myself juggling half a dozen guns in a sweet vintage dress.

If that doesn't e-scream rock'n'roll and art to you, then -- clearly -- you haven't been huffing enough glue indulging in large enough doses of a hot pharmaceutical mix I like to call ZiZi -- dangerous amounts of Zinc supplements and a whole lot o' Zicam. Seriously, I've had so many Zinc lozenges in the past two days that I'm pretty sure I'm magnetic (and not just proverbially). Which, I suppose, explains why and how I've managed to suspend six real life e-guns in mid-ether.

Anyhighonoverthecountermeds, let's get to the real magic in this sweet rock'n'roll poster. Did you peep my dress? It's the very same one I alluded to having scooped up for $16 a couple of months ago at the surprisingly sophisticated and quite enjoyable Goodwill Fashion show. Not only is it one of the most comfortable and functional items I've ever found for under $20 (it has pockets!), but it also moves magnificently, which makes biking in it (even in heels) at least as fun as twirling around in my apartment like an acid-tripping hippie juggling guns in it.

But alas, as hard as I tried (and trust me, that kind of virtual hand-eye coordination I'm e-exhibiting does not come easy), my single remedial rock'n'roll poster can't compete with John's works of actual awesomeness. In fact, if you're into 'em, John's work is currently available for purchase. Mine? Well, I prefer to just give it all away; donate it to the well-being of world, as it were. Because when you see the twisted e-sh*t that comes forth from the dank bowels of my mind, you always know there's at least one human-type person out there who's a little worse off than you. You're welcome. Now, pass the Zinc.

Outfit details: Dress -- vintage, unknown designer; Plum tights -- Filene's Basement; Patent ankle boots -- Steve Madden.


John Foster said...

Haha - the image in my psychotic dreams has been replaced! What a gun-juggling sweetie!!!!

LiLu said...

WILD CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I be the Useless Chick??

Peter said...

Next step: set the guns on fire while juggling them.