Friday, June 3, 2011

there's hope!

I got a most delightful email the other day from an editor at a local magazine. I won't say which one exactly, but the title includes the letters "inaasgwntiohn" (damn, that's a good-lookin' word scramble). Anywhatevers, the letter came not because they want me to be a contributor (shocking, I know, but I'm sure one of those letters will come one day when hell freezes over), but because they want to use a photograph that's been published on this blog before as part of my Shambles P.I. series. What's that you ask? Well, it's an extremely bitchy public service, in which I and camera-equipped readers take to stealth photographing people on the street who don't yet know how to dress themselves.

And the our re-education efforts are finally working, it seems, as evidenced by the editor of said gianemza (another fine word scramble!), who revealed that she wished to use the photo in an article directed toward incoming interns. The title? Well, I don't know, but I hope it's something along the lines of How to Dress Yourself Without Looking Like an Asshole, Asshole.

Rejoice, indeed fellow P.I.'s! The word is finally spreading!

"But, wait, didn't you once wear sandals and socks...together?" 

Um...that was a dark and lonely time...

"It was last month."


"Yeah and remember when you bought that pimp coat? That was awkward."


"Yeah. 'Cause you looked like an asshole. Yup, and then there was that time when you decided to tight-roll your pants..."

OK, OK. I get it! Who am I to ever tell anyone they're dressing like an asshole? But at least I never wore nylons with flip-flops! Yet.

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