Monday, May 19, 2008

make your feet prettier...please

The world truly works in mysterious ways. Well, at least the e-world does, that is. See, earlier today my eyes were accosted by the image of ... dun, dun, duuuuuuun! ... these:

Not only did I come across these, um, foot covers quite unexpectantly, but someone I e-know and e-trust as an e-friend actually recommended these as a viable summer shoe option. (I'm sorry, DCGF, I heart you and your blog, but I must draw the line in the ether with Crocs.)

Aside from the gnarliness that is the Ugg, there is no other shoe on Earth that I despise more than these rubberized, garrish, even dangerous monstrosities. To put it another way, I'd rather see a sea of flip-flops than a single Croc. That's right, A SEA OF FLIP-FLOPS! I SAID IT!

So, I feel compelled now, if nothing else, at least to provide a counterpoint to the DCGF's point. And so I thought long and hard this afternoon, "What to recommend?" As my mind tends to do often, it went blank until I checked my Inbox and there it was, courtesy of my friend and fellow Radiohead devotee Tom:

hey ladies,

see below. something about a sale at my friend's shoe line. happy shopping

Well, I'll be damned if I didn't see below, and what I found was not only a brand of shoe that is exquisitely pleasing to the eye, but this foot attire looks ridiculously comfortable, as well. It's from a designer called Devotte, which is beginning to gain more press, as alluded to in the forwarded attachment:

Hello Friends,

Devotte has made the top shoe to get for Memorial Day weekend on Refinery 29!

For the friends and family of Devotte, we will be offering a special discount..this week for Memorial Day, so make sure to put yourself on the mailing list! Do not forget!

So, I clicked on the link, checked out the goods and found that not only do I covet the featured shoe in Refinery 29, but I am drooling over just about every single shoe on Devotte's site.

Helena in graphite, $330

Leeloo in green; $320

Lara in purple, $320

Shirley in tuxedo, $338

Jazzler in brown; $320

Ahhh, now if only they weren't several hundreds of dollars per pair... UPDATE! HOWEVER, those who buy a pair this week and enter the code "devotted" at checkout will get 25 percent off! That is a serious discount for these. And yes, I will concede that these lovelies aren't as well-priced as the uglies I posted at the top of this post, but my-oh-my are they much more worthy of your dollars and sense (LOL!).


DC Goodwill Fashionista said...

A SEA OF FLIP-FLOPS? Take it back, Marissa. You don't really mean that! I can make it happen. I can. I'll do it! Don't make me do it!!

Lovingly yours (in $30 shoes) - the DCGF

I-66 said...

For what it's worth, Goose, I could totally see you in Uggs.

Marissa said...


Oh, I do not doubt your powers for a second! But I just can't back down when it comes to made entirely of synthetic materials! I just can't! :)


So mean! That cuts to the bone. I'd rather take a right-hand hook to the jugular from Stryker before donning a pair of those boots which shall remain nameless. nllm mlln

I-66 said...

nllm mlln, yourself.

Peter said...

The tuxedo shoe has ruffles. RUFFLES! That is intense.

The Vinyl District said...

A pair of Chucks trumps all of the aforementioned.

Righteous (re)Style said...

These have a nice "vintage-y" style. I esp. like the Helena - not your average gladiator sandal.

Marissa said...


You are right. That is intense. I think that might be my fave out of the selections on the screen.


For a guy, I whole-heartedly agree.


Ahh, you're right about the "vintage-y" qualities. Now if only they'd be vintage-y prices...*sigh*

Still waiting on the sale prices, hwoever.

The Vinyl District said...

I was walking to work the other day and passed a girl dressed for the office...and get this...she wasn't wearing crocs, or uggs, OR flip flops...but Chucks! I thought, "How refreshing!"

Anonymous said...

So in love with that green pair.

Always In Style said...

I share your feelings about those please-don't-call-them-shoes thingys known as Crocs.

And I love love love Devotte...just wish I could actually afford them!

Marissa said...


Indeed Chucks are better than flip-flops, but I still stand by a nice pair of skimmers.


I know! They are divine.


I completely understand. I was one click away from ordering the Helena, but luckily I got a call, which got me off track...although they are just one click away