Friday, January 23, 2009

nautical themes make my butt glow

I'm feeling rather nautical today. Perhaps it's the 50-degree weather (thank you, DC!), or maybe it's my inner subconscious longing to sail around the world. But most likely, it's because I just wanted to pull out my beloved Topsiders again. Whatever the reason, though, I'm pretty jazzed about this Yacht Rock-themed outfit. Look! I'm under e-water!

E-sea monsters! Ahhhhhhhhoy!

What I'm not so jazzed about, however, is the stupid look on my face, my visible gut (trust me, this shirt is not meant to be midriff-baring) and my bike, Baguette, whose front reflector is making my ass glow. Wait, actually on second thought, I'm pretty pumped that it looks like my butt is glowing. Glowing buttock is tight. (Feel free to quote me on that.)

Why, then, with all this dissatisfaction (aside from the ass shine), did I post this shot? Well, allow me to let you in on a little behind-the-dork-scene secret -- this is roughly the 20th take on this shot. Turns out, catching a self-timed jumping shot while one is actually in the air is effing difficult. Most of the shots got either the before or after, which makes it look like I'm about gearing up to drop a deuce. Yeah, I said that.

Anypoo, I'd stick around to write more about, um, myself, my outfit and my retard photog skills, but like I said, it's 50 degrees outside and I've got ships to sail. (And really, I'm just not that interesting...)

Outfit details: Blazer -- Elie Tahari; Tank -- Authentic Russian Navy shirt; Jeans -- True Religion; Footwear -- Sperry Topsiders; Belt -- No clue, found it thrifting.


Anonymous said...

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Matt said...

Dammit! MISA said what I was going to say! Not fair. Oh well...

One advantage of a glowing butt, I can see, is that it illuminates the E-sea monsters sneaking up on you. Well, one of them. That big one up top is probably gonna bite your jacket.