Thursday, January 22, 2009

random bits of media

I'll be honest, I'm working on a couple of other projects right now that will put cash-money into my pocket. As such, this deranged crack baby of a blog will be slightly abandoned today and tomorrow, however, before devoting my e-attention somewhere slightly more fruitful (although, this Google AdSense nonsense has been quite good to me -- we're up to $7.19!), I feel it necessary to point out some ridiculous sh*t I've heard, seen and even spoken about to actual people in a non-virtual setting. 

First, we've probably all seen this about 18,000 times now via the Huffington Post and Wonkette, but I first heard about it from a friend in Texas last night. However, I invite you to watch it again, as the naivete provided by the woman analyzing the Obamas' intimate life (and, might I add, why the hell she is analyzing that in the first place is fairly disturbing), is priceless. And AWKWARD! But maybe this is why he's so popular?

And what else is awkward? How about how Wolf Blitzer practically fisted proposed to our new president by expressing his undying, creeptastic devotion to Obama not through an unintentional discussion of, um, private matters (see above), but by tripping over his words discussing the man's penmanship. HIS PENMANSHIP. Seriously. I first heard about this at a bar on Tuesday night, but wasn't quite sure to what extent Blitzer's apparent retardation situation (room) went until I found exactly what he said on an independent media-watchdog's blog, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR):

BLITZER: And if you've ever seen Barack Obama's signature, he is very precise when he writes, and it's -- and if he writes, he scribbles some words before he signs an autograph, for example. His penmanship, I must say -- and I've seen it -- is really excellent.

[DAVID] GERGEN: He's got a little flourish to that signature.

BLITZER: He has a great flourish. And it's very impressive.

I'm pretty convinced Blitzer would legitimately sh*t his pants had Obama lent his signature to a piece of "art," as "new artist" Vladimir Putin did yesterday allowing his "work" to fetch $1.1 million (or 37 million rubles).

Honestly, I'd pay someone not to display this painting.

What else is ridiculous? This year's Oscar nominations, which came out this morning. Now, I'll admit, the only Oscar-nominated film I've seen this year was The Dark Knight (which, I believe was one of maybe three movies I saw in the theater in '08), but I don't believe that disqualifies me from critiquing the selections considering The Curious Case of Benjamin Button topped the list with 13 nominations. Does this seem a bit strange to anyone else? Because if I remember the trailer correctly, it's about Brad Pitt aging backwards, with some sort of love story in the middle. Maybe I'm just too tiny-minded to understand this film's appeal (besides simply having Brad Pitt in it), but that plotline sounds idiotic to me, and I'm a known idiot. Am I missing something here?

Probably. But that's besides the point. Whatever I'm missing, I'll allow Usher to fill in (um, that's what she said!), via this playlist in particular, that features his greatest hits. My obsession runs wide and deep (that's what she said, again!) when it comes to Usher. Basically, Usher is to me what Obama is to Blitzer, which means God help us all if I get my hands on Usher's signature. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID, THRICE! Wait. What? Whatever. "Signature" has got to be a euphemism for something... 


LiLu said...

You can never have too many "that's what she said"'s.


jheisel said...

That Putin story sounds like a fake to me, since I haven't seen it turn up in the press here. And you know it would.

As for Oscars, of the best picture nominees, I have only seen Slumdog Millionaire, but I have Milk and Frost/Nixon downloaded.

I declined (so far) to downloadd Benjamin Button and The Reader, cuz I thought they looked retarded. But maybe I should just so I can say how much they suck.

Marissa said...


I feel like you might be my long-lost cousin or sister or something. So very true...


Really? Yeah, if the Rus media isn't all over Putin's artistic endeavors, something seems a little off.