Monday, January 26, 2009

truly shameless self promotion


In an effort to expand my e-reach around the Interweb (hmm, something definitely doesn't sound right about that clause), I will be taking took my antics over to why.i.hate.dc later today with an easy three-step-guide on how to not end up on this blog by acting like an asshole at the 9:30 Club. And while it's already written, it won't go up until 3 p.m., or, as I now know that time, when the Dr. Phil show comes on. (I'm really, really good at being unemployed.)

Dr. Phil

In the meantime (and since we're on the topic of concerts), I invite everyone -- even Dr. Phil -- to come out to Solly's at 11th and U tonight to catch not only me at the turntables iPod for the best 30 minutes of your life, but also legitimately talented people, including my friend and BYT writer John Foster as Sad Crocodile, a rock'n'roll group called The Dustys and a solo set from U.S. Royalty's John Thornley.

The show starts at eight o'clock. And there's no cover! It's really a dream come true. Well, it will be until 10 p.m. rolls around and I muck up the legitimately talented vibe with my personal brand of retardulosity. Aww...but if I see you not dancing during my playlist, you better at least be drinking! Don't make me blog you. No, seriously.


Read that easy three-step guide to not being a dick at a concert HERE. And, just for good measure...



Anonymous said...

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LiLu said...


Why aren't we bff again?

Also, PLEASE leave the comment above mine up. That shiz is HILAR.

Scotus said...

"Does the beautiful woman occasionally do Sonn?"

What's Sonn? What's Sonn?!? I have to know.