Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ZOMFG!@)(@#*%@)!%@#^&*@! it's snowing!

O! Proper winter, how I've missed thee! And while it doesn't compare to the snows I've seen in the previous twenty-some years of my life in the Midwest, the Northeast and, um, the goddamn Eastern Bloc, it's something!

I know it's not the fluffy goodness found in more Northern climates, but I don't care. I will make a snow angel anyway. I will name her St. Shambles, the goddess of wet and cold. Or, perhaps, moist and chilly. Or damp and frigid. Whichever.

But before I go get sodden and frosty, I just want to thank those of you who played and/or came out to Solly's last night. Sadly, there weren't many, but I've always been one for quality over quantity. Also, I hate humanity, so, you know, any bigger of a crowd would've freaked me out (which is why I will only make one St. Shambles today, opposed to a whole gang of soggy and shivery friends).

And speaking of friends (not that I have any not made out of snow), a big congratulations goes out to all the acts that played last night, including Sad Crocodile, John Thornley (of U.S. Royalty) and The Dustys, who apparently performed for the first time yesterday night -- a feat that blew my mind as these guys were definitional of awesome. They were loud, creative with the time signature and really fun to watch. In fact, The Dustys even gained a blinged out Claude the Sexy Traffic Cone's seal of approval.


De toute façon, I need to go take care of this snow angel business before it turns shades of dirt and urine. Au revoir!


Lemmonex said...

This snow has me feeling downright peppy!

Daniel said...

Nice photo. I've been dying to see some decent snow here, mainly to take pictures.

Anonymous said...

I <3 the snow! So peaceful and clean, well at least until the dirt and piss takes over. How about a set-list sampling from last night? Also how did you land the gig last night, any more coming up?

I-66 said...

Can I pee on your angel after you make it?

M@ said...

Let it snow!

Marissa said...


I'm with you. I jumped up and down on my bed. Seriously.


Thanks! I took that without my glasses or contacts from my window. I'm just glad it's not blurry! I think I'll try to take some more legit photos today.


I hear you on the <3-ing of snow. Love. The set list:

--Parisan Goldfish by Flying Lotus
--Hearts a Mess by Gotye remix by DLake
--Pull Up the People by MIA
--Knowing by Big Boi
--Anti-Anti by Snowden
--Cassius by Foals
--Ready for the Floor by Hot Chip
--Are You the One? by the Presets
--Nothing to Worry About by Peter Bjorn & John
--Plotzlich Ist Alles Anders by Stereo Total
--Electric Feel by MGMT

I was asked by John Foster to participate. One day I want to legitimately take to the turntables, but I need to brush up my skills a bit first...but one day, I swear!





LiLu said...

I am praying for enough snow/freezing rain tonight that tomorrow is a snow day and I can join you in your snow angel busiNAS. Awesome.

Marissa said...


It's on. Winter weather is my favorite!

Rachel said...

I hope you wouldn't be too upset if I stomped through your snow angel.

I'm so sick of the snow!

Freewheel said...

Don't try eating D.C. snow. Like everything else in D.C., it contains toxic levels of lead.

The Law said...

Hey - thanks for the new post today! ITS NOT LIKE YOU HAVE A JOB OR ANYTHING.

Marissa said...


As long as I'm not still laying in it...but you should embrace winter! It's lovely!


Ha! So I've heard...that may explain my downward spiral here...

the law--

I will fight you.

patrick b said...

Everybody In the Discotheque...

Marissa said...


Stereo Total is always a winner!