Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i'm a genius and other unbelievables

So, who knew? Apparently, I'm eligible for Mensa because my IQ is a whopping 138, at least according to, which I'm sure is as reliable an intelligence estimation as I am reliable to look very special in any picture I take.


Mayor Fenty and I are armpit sweat brothers.

Which reminds me, I have an equally very special video log (vlog) about Fenty's Pennsylvania bike lane project set to premiere later this afternoon right here on this writing log (wrlog <--- indeed, the workings of a mind of very superior intelligence). But if you'll excuse me, right now -- at 9 a.m. -- I must go to the bar to engage in a few USA! chants to cheer on our national soccer team as it triumphantly climbs one step closer to emerging victorious in the World Cup. Onward ho, global domination!


gallywas said...

I'm glad your helmet was on correctly....and not backwards. (:

I'm glad you have a bike again... or at least a lane to ride a future bike.

Freewheel said...

Mayor Fenty is very particular about who he'll pose with in an election year - I hear you have to at least have 130 IQ.

Marissa said...


Yes! The ol' helmet is a tricky one! And yep, I have a bike these days. I guard her with Pee-Wee Herman technology.


Sweaty armpit compadres are hard to find. (That's the helmet talking...)