Wednesday, June 16, 2010

shambles p.i.: i can see your ass edition

Last weekend brought us Soccer in the Circle, Capital Pride, and 90-degree weather with 100 percent chance of seeing someone's sweaty ass cheeks in a pair of sporty, flamboyant hot-pants.


Yes, it was a glorious day in the District last Saturday, a veritable perfect storm of shambles. *sigh* And while I'd love to sit here and bask gloriously in the light being reflected off that dude's taint, I can't because: 1) ew, and 2) I have a couple of programming notes to get to.

Firstly, I probably won't be posting anything substantial here until next Monday because I've got business brewing up in Boston. And by "Boston," I mean "the craps tables at Foxwoods."

However, just because I'm going to perfect the Golden Touch Dice Revolution, doesn't mean we have to completely e-part ways for the next four days. In case you're not privy to the most annoying way to keep in touch on the Web -- Twitter -- I invite you to join me there if you'd like to periodically interrupt your life with several 140-character snippets of Anti DC idiot-savantisms. I promise I won't tweet about meals, when I get up or go to bed, the weather, or any bowel movements. Unless, of course, I happen to wake up in an outhouse during a thunderstorm eating chicken wings. In that case, anything's fair game.

And, unfortunately, I wouldn't discount that as a possibility because, after the dice have stopped rolling, I will be road-tripping lightening-fast back to the District in what I've already dubbed the Shamblesmobile. Move over, above-pictured proud and sweaty ass-cheeks, you're probably gonna have some competition.

And speaking of competition, CHI-CHI-CHI! LE-LE-LE! VIVA CHILE! #worldcup


Bernard Reed said...

adelante chile!

Daniel said...

Anti DC! I D-Saw you (eh? ehhh?) riding around on your yellow bike near 18th and M at like 5 on Tuesday. It was like I was seeing Steve McQueen rollin' around in a Bullitt. Me = Star Struck.

Caleb said...

That picture will haunt my dreams.

Thanks for that.

Marissa said...


I'm going to eat a completo every time they win.


That's certainly a possibility. I was heading to the post office. I lead an exciting life.


Well, just be thankful you didn't see this in person...