Friday, July 30, 2010

i really can't believe i'm posting this on the internet

So, I went to CityZen and I tried to review it. Keyword = tried.

Kids, that's what 31 looks like. Have a good weekend!


maryjanejeff said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Your 31st was much better than mine. I almost died when lightning came about 50 feet from hitting me while I was trying to get to shelter in Colorado.

pb said...

post this on yelp please.

Freewheel said...

This left me speechless and I have several meetings today... can I borrow the turtle?

Anonymous said...

You seem sexually suggestive. Please put a veil on.

~ The Iranian Rugby Team

Marissa said...


Wow. That would have definitely been a bummer. Hey, at least you have a good story now!


That's not a bad idea. There's really no review site that does video reviews. Especially moronic video reviews.


I'll ask Vladimir what is consulting fee is.


Hi, Vladimir here. My consulting fee is "SUCK MY BAAAALLLS!"


Hi, Freewheel. Marissa here again. I'm sorry for that. Vladimir really has a problem...

Anonymous said...

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Anil Sinha said...

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