Monday, July 12, 2010

so, this happened...!

As those of you who enjoy watching horrible movies at midnight at E Street theater probably know, Tommy Wiseau and Greg "Sesosterone" Sestero dropped by Washington this weekend to meet and greet and scoff at fans of "The Room." But while most people settled for a picture and an autograph, I wouldn't settle for anything less than a MadLib from the great Wiseau whose grasp on the English language is, um, interesting, to say the least...

Here's what happened:


Art Trip said...

Ha ha ha. You are destined for greatness to try something like that.

Marissa said...

Art Trip--

Coming from you, I take that as a prophecy. Thanks!


My favorite parts was the first part. Plural noun? Washington. Uh...I knew it was only uphill from there! And thank God those assholes came in at the end and were like, "Hey we started a fight!" They inspired Tommy. "Assholes." Brilliant!