Sunday, January 20, 2008

when in doubt, venn it

So it seems there is some demand to continue fleshing out "The Anti DC Theory that Tools and Douchebags Are Not Synonymous" a.k.a. TADCTtTaDANS (now that's a goddamn acronym!). For instance, when, in fact, do tools and douchebags mesh? Or, when does someone in either group become an asshole? And, if a tool and/or douche is an asshole, how big of an asshole is he or she?

I could go on and on with these types of incredibly thought-provoking questions, but in the interest of time and Venn diagrams, I present to you a pretty picture.

The Anti DC Theory that Tools and Douchebags Are Not Synonymous

My computing skills blow so let me add that the two straight lines that form a pinnacle over the center of the Venn are supposed to indicate where on the Asshole Continuum tools and douches fall. While TADCTtTaDANS maintains all tools and douches are inherently assholes, those who fall closer to or in the "Dools/Touches" category are bigger assholes than those who subscribe to the strictly douche or tool schools of being.

Damn, this is epic.


Peter said...

Might it be the case that tool and douche combined form some ordinary, already identified breed of jackass? Like, say, fucktard?

Marissa said...

Interesting. Perhaps the pinnacle of the Asshole Continuum ends in fucktard?

Peter, you're on to something here...

old person said...

this diagram is pure genius. i've already sent this link to several co-workers.

Marissa said...

old person--

I love the alias, by the way! Thanks for the kudos. I love a good Venn.