Wednesday, October 15, 2008

because i just got off the phone with Medieval Times, thus completing today's to-do list...

If there’s anything I’m not above, it’s stealing other people’s ideas. As such, the The Anti DC Board of Trustees (all of whom are conveniently located in my mind) have decided to embark on a new (but old), tried-and-true web-log endeavor -- the weekly link round-up!

However, like all things I touch, I’ll make sure to add a twist of retardulosity to it in the form of sweet, delicious, unnecessary commentary. I mean, it’s hard enough for my ego to point out things on the Web that may possibly be even more worthwhile to view than my own e-scribblings, so, as it goes, you'll just have to deal with this blog’s patented megalomaniac tendencies.

So without further ado, please accept this first edition of “Mid-Week, Mid-Afternoon Web Link Extravaganza!” (I’ll come up with a better name in the future.) where I pick out the most awesome things I’ve seen on the Internetz in the last whenever, but have been too lazy to incorporate more creatively into the public, padded e-room that is this blog. Onward (with color)!

First up: I got to give it to John “Sad Crocodile” Foster for writing the hell out of TV On the Radio’s new album over at Brightest Young Things, even if he forgot to mention Love Dog, which happens to be my favorite song on “Dear Science.” What an asshole. :)

Second tier: DCist goes vigilante justice all over drivers' asses and I like it! Of course, this argument of cars vs. bikes is old, but nothin’ says tight blog topic like the business end of U-Lock in a Toyota Camry’s taillight.

Third on the roster: MC Pee Pants! This probably should’ve been first.

Fourth place: Scrumptious squirrel melt sandwiches! "Cute!" (Via perennial favorite Clusterfck, natch.)

And last (but, holy sh*t, certainly not least) on the podium: Wal-Mart finally does something respectable, via Best Week Ever. Meet the the Ultra Douche!

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