Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As it turns out, I guess I do believe in God, since the rumor was true -- Z Burger, indeed, doled out free delicious hamburgers today and I got a piece (uh, literally) of that action. Yet while Z Burger wasn't exactly the Promised Land, it was still pretty damn good. That is, despite the fact that I didn't walk into a room full of "Shazam!"-shouting patrons swimming around in burgers Uncle Scrooge style, I still liked it. Even with this Stalin-approved line.

But I wasn't that annoyed. The line just let me perfect how I would eventually drop the fricative-friendly password to the cashier. However, when I finally made it to the front of the line and dropped my sweet one-liner, the cashier just looked at me like I was legitimately retarded.

"I'll have the SHHHHHHHHHHAZAM!" I said.

"You mean a cheeseburger?" the cashier asked.

"Um. OK," I said shamefully, before muttering in one last ditch effort, "The shazam..."

But lack of any need-to-know secret password aside, I still enjoyed that burger, which will always be known as the most delicious, and, well, only "shazam" I ever ordered. I mean, look at it! It looks delicious, basking ever-so-peacefully in the autumnal afternoon sunshine.

But even better than this delicious shazam was the scrumptious milkshake I ordered to fatten myself up even more. Out of the 50 flavors Z Burger offers, I found the Chocolate Covered Banana flavor the most enticing.

My boss and coworker ordered the fries and onion rings, which, naturally, I macked on non-gratis I mean gratis (damn vocabulary...) like a the secret bum that I am and, unsurprisingly, those, too, were pretty good. It was like deep-fried freedom in a bag.

And then I took the longest bike ride home ever. But it was worth it.


I-66 said...

non-gratis? As in, not free?

I dunno, Goose. Looks like a Five Guys imitation to me.

Marissa said...

Doh! Vocabulary FAIL. Thanks, I fixed it.

On Five Guys: I've never been there, but my coworker did note she thought the burgers at Z were smaller.

maryjanejeff said...

If I am going to run from Rosslyn to Friendship Heights / Chevy Chase on Sunday, is it worth back tracking to south on Tenleytown to get a burger there? This is the standard by which all burgers are measured (

maryjanejeff said...

I have since saw your other post from yesterday - I'll have to check this place out. But I will avoid the Onion Rings and Fries and will find something in its place I'm sure.

Marissa said...


Honestly, I am far from a hamburger aficionado, so I can't really tell you how it compares to other burgers, accept that it's better than McDonalds. But if you do go, get a milkshake. Fifty flavors!