Monday, October 13, 2008

it's not me, it's dc

What do you get when you combine two dudes, Cosby Show references and a holy ghost in the club? Straight mayhem in the form of Claire Effing Huxtable, or, if you're down with monosyllables, Claire Hux -- quite possibly the best club act I've ever seen. Ever.

Some friends and I first came across Claire Hux a couple of months ago while wandering aimlessly around Baltimore's ArtScape street festival, which was pretty typical as far as street fests go (i.e. dirty, smelly hippies), until, that is, Claire Hux serendipitously electric slid into our lives clad in fluorescent T-shirts adorned with the sweet visage of Phylecia Rashad. Since then, we've been hotly anticipating the glorious time during which Dlake and Symbol, the two guys who make up the magic that is Claire Hux, would grace us once again with their presence. Claire Hux is to parties what Latarian Milton is to "hood rat stuff." That is, they have mega expert skills.

Luckily, that time came on Saturday at Baltimore's Wind Up Space, where Claire Hux took the floor probably just before midnight (time is irrelevant when Claire Hux is around) and danced their damn asses off. I'd write more, but I think in this case pictures may be more apropos. Unfortunately, as tradition goes here at The Anti DC, my photog skills are to decent photographs what DC is to fashion. That is, they're subpar and a little embarrassing.

Holy ghost in the club!

Phenomenal pants.

Several holy ghosts in the club.


After Claire Hux's set ended (all too quickly) Brooklyn's Ninjasonik ("with a K not the C") took the stage, letting their love of tight pants be known to all in song, screenprint and, of course, on their asses.

Breaking tradition with the most artsy photograph I've ever inadvertently taken in my life.

And then, of course, there was the after party and the after after party, which I'd tell you more about if I could remember it. ZING! Just kiddin' though; of course I remember it. My memory is to untouchable what Latarian Milton is to "hood rat stuff." Hmm...why does that sound so familiar?

Anyalcoholism, there was this kidnapper van, a broken dish or two, a couple of delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a condo full of power tools and confirmation that Baltimore is, indeed, a much cooler city than DC. If I didn't love bicycle commuting to work so much, I'd quite possibly move up there and commute via train. But alas, what would become of this blog? My work here is not yet done.

Speaking of work, that's where I am this Columbus Day (like a chump), which means it's high time I get back to business. And by "business," I mean watching the beginning of Season 3 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on the Interwebz. The gang's going to find a dumpster baby!

(P.S. -- More on Baltimore later.)


LivitLuvit said...

I am OBSESSED with Sunny! I seriously speak in Charlie quotes... it's becoming a problem.

When did I put Green Man on???

You'll get that after The Gang Gets Invincible.

Jack said...

I suddenly feel like rolling a spliff...


Greg Szeto said...

glad you enjoyed your time at the wind-up! it is a great place.

Marissa said...


Holy shit. I want to be Green Man for Halloween.


Wow! This blog has finally driven people to do drugs. Score.


I liked it tremendously. Of course, I was weirded out by the 1:30 a.m. last call. That's early even by DC standards.