Monday, October 13, 2008

lookin' ridiculously good, or perhaps just ridiculous

Since I put in the effort to explain most of the trouble I may or may not have gotten into during my weekend jaunt to Baltimore earlier today, I may as well also metaphorically hit you in the face with what I wore during said events. It'll just sting a little...

Channeling my junior high-school grunge days, I traveled back in time to the early-to-mid-1990s and donned a whole helluva lot of flannel. I paired that with an unduly bright shade of yellow tights, some gray knee-high suede boots and a vacant, yet rather bemused expression that says, "I know Rayanne Graf called and asked for her outfit back, but I told her to suck it."

But alas, assholes don't travel solo, which is why The Law also attended this weekend's festivities in Baltimore. Taking cues from both the Olsen Twins and the Holy Roman Empire, she opted for a layered look consisting of leggings, T-shirt couture, a cardigan and a duo of fluorescent plastic crucifixes, one of which she later kindly lent to me in order to more adequately dance to Claire Hux's "Holy Ghost in the Club." I'm sure we've both just made our parents very proud.

And yes, that is Putin donning Mike Score's Flock of Seagulls hair circa 1982 you see super-imposed over The Law's visage. She's apparently not as much of an attention hooker as I am. Or perhaps she's just smarter. Or both. Whatever. Point is, Putin with Flock of Seagulls hair isn't just for admiring any longer, it's also for fulfilling requests for anonymity. Is there anything Putin with Flock of Seagulls hair can't do?

Outfit details--

On moi: Flanned shirt dress, Uniqlo; Yellow tights, Filene's Basement; Braided rope belt, vintage; Boots, Penny Loves Kenny.

On The Law: Leggings and T-shirt dress, Forever 21; Cardigan, Calvin Klein; Shoes, Kenneth Cole ; Fluorescent plastic crucifixes, Claires.


luscious leo said...

Leo thinks he sees a bit of hobo chic in both of these -- although he'd have to double check with Tito to be sure ...

Also, OMG, the Law totes copied Leo's 'do ... not cool.

Marissa said...

Leo, you're an inspiration to us all, you sick bastard.