Wednesday, August 13, 2008

shambles p.i. -- the diy edition

It's official -- Crocs kill. And you know what else kills? Whatever the hell is going on here:

OK, it may not kill you literally like a Croc, but looking at this debacle (which I snapped a couple weeks ago at Baltimore's Artscape festival) makes me feel a little dead inside. What we have here is a flip-flop, fashioned into a gladiator sandal with a yellow shoe-string. And while I give this young lady a proverbial tip of the hat for her creativity, I must also include her in this Shambles P.I. due to the sheer fugliness of said creation. As the great Santino Rice of Project Runway fame once stated, "You can't shine a turd." Along those same lines, certainly one cannot de-fug a flip-flop, no matter how ingenious the effort.

But now I must turn my attention to much greater matters -- Olympic ping-pong. That sh*t is tight.


Lemmonex said...

Can the flip-flop flip OR flop while tied like that? I think not.

Stevious said...

Similarly, when I get my Ice-climbing crocs I'm going to wrap them in clingfilm to make them waterproof. Then poke thousands of tiny holes in them to make them breathable like gore-tex.

N said...

I forgot about this, most likely due to my mind repressing this heinous memory.

Marissa said...


You're right. I think a better name for this would be "hell-no."


I hope you went and copyrighted that.


Never forget.