Friday, August 22, 2008

what the hell have i done today?

Honestly, I don't know what the hell I've done today, but somehow it's already nine in the evening. I went to work. I think. Yes. Yes, I did. I spent some time on the great Interweb checking out the wonderous and wonky I can't get enough of those election maps!*

Then I went to lunch. For two hours.

Then I returned and did some manual labor around the office, before settling in for some sweet Olympic games viewing. Hot damn, I love those games...

After that, the day is a bit of a blur. I apparently rode around on my bicycle for a while, did some laundry, cleaned my apartment, made some dinner and currently find myself settled in for some more Olympic games viewing, which, after spending last night at Poste getting introdouched** to the hip downtown lawyers-gone-wild scene, is well deserved. Hey, don't judge me because I reward myself every now and again with a night of sitting on my ass, eating nachos and watching Usain Bolt win more gold medals just by showing up. (That man is miraculous. And so is this ridiculously awesome panoramic view of the Bird's Nest Stadium.)

Anyway, I'll have more retardulous sh*t to write about next week after my current reason to live, the XXVIV Olympiad (it's OK to pity me), goes off-the-air. To whet your e-appetite, though, I'll reveal that I'll be composing a nice little tale about Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Never heard of Butt Paste? Don't worry. I'll 'splain more details later. For now just know it has a pleasant smell and it really came in handy during a recent trip to Brooklyn. Butt (LOL!), would Butt Paste prove just as handy in DC? You and I will just have to await the end of the weekend to find out...

Whoa! I just pulled an R Kelly! Oh, not the peeing on a teenager thing, I'm referring to the Trapped In the Closet "cliffhanger" thing, just in case anyone was wondering. Pervs.

*Sarcasm points!

**Term courtesy of The Law -- she's one sick freak of a genius.

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maryjanejeff said...

Extra sleep is never a bad thing - that's what I did before my "big" trip to Annapolis. Well "big" = having to drive over the Wilson Bridge which could turn into a 90 minute odessy at any time. Must go check traffic report.