Tuesday, March 4, 2008

and because i have a fulltime job...

I'm going to opt out of my regularly scheduled programming, which was set to be a post entitled "The Best Looking Bitch in Georgetown Leads to the Ugliest Store Window...Ever" (look for it tomorrow and blame its delay on the incredible time-suck of congressional hearings, not me!), and instead, post a pictorial addendum to yesterday's essay, "Silent Party Busted for Being Too Loud."

And before feasting your eyes on what every house party in DC and beyond should aspire to (um, save for the cops, of course), I want to give proper credit to Flickr user timotheee1, whose excellent photos are posted below, and fellow Boston friend and blogger Sam for sending them to me.

Now, without further ado, take a look at the rowdy no-goodniks the Somerville Police Department decided to kick out into the cold, despite that we were just tryin' to "Anne Frank it," as one clever partygoer put it, in the upstairs secret porch. Oh, zoinks!

DJ and turntables? Check!

Wireless headphones? Check!

Feather tiaras? Check!

Metallic mandanas? Check!

Cool hats and mustaches? Check and check!

And I just heart this photo. Thanks Sam and Timotheee1!


Capitol Hill 20210 said...

That just looks like all kinds of fun.

the law said...

if only on of those daper young gents had thought to throw on a fur stole...

Marissa said...

Ahh, yes, the BAD's fur was a hit!

I also think I remember an eye patch.

I'm serious, whenever I live in a house or, well, a place that is larger than the size of a small hotel room, I am so throwing a silent disco party and will face control anyone not wearing 1) dead animals, 2) unexpected accessories, 3) jumpsuits, 4) feather tiaras, 5) metallic shower caps/mandanas, 6) broken cell phones duct-taped to a limb, or 7) Kanye West sunglasses.

Cheek on Gun's first show?

I-66 said...

I have a Fila velour sweatsuit I can wear with a fake gold grill. Does that count?

Marissa said...


Add a mustache and we can talk.