Friday, March 21, 2008

taking over the world wide net one blog at a time

Considering what I wrote yesterday will probably lead to me being unemployed soon (whoops!), I think it's high time I start honing my freelance skills. And while I'll always strive to improve my hustle (as Ol' Dirty Bastard once advised, "You know my name, now give me my money!"), I'm usually up for lending my services in exchange for a compliment and a link. Yeah, I'm cheap.

And so, let the great collaborations commence!

That's right, e-friends, my reach now goes beyond The Anti DC and has infiltrated one of DC's best music blogs, The Vinyl District, where I was invited to be this week's guest deejay for Weekend Shots!

Yep, The Anti DC does The Vinyl District. Wow, that sounded way dirtier than I had intended. Anyhoo, click on over to discover just what kind of mixtape I created for you as well as a rather embarrassing (or awesome, depending on your point of view) tale from my past. Here's a hint: French Whore. Au revoir!

And in case you'd like to copy and paste:


Peter said...

you scored points for dismemberment plan but then lost them for at the drive in.

we can still be friends.

Marissa said...

I'll take note that if I ever make you a personalized mixtape, I will replace the At The Drive-In with Dima Bilan or Vitas (if you're lucky).

Peter said...


Marissa said...

Isn't it Korni? But you're right. It is 4EVA. Unless a friend of ours kicks Pasha's ass again. Literally!