Monday, March 10, 2008

shooting warm weather in the proverbial face

This post was supposed to be about shooting guns. See, my mom and aunt came to visit this weekend and ever since The Anti DC Shooting Extravaganza, I had vowed that anyone who comes to visit must come shoot skeet with me. Unfortunately, my family and I don't necessarily see eye to eye, or gun to gun, if you will, when it comes to weekend fun. So, in place of shooting, we did the next best thing that starts with "sho" -- shopping. And although my cheek does long each day to nuzzle the stock a 20-gauge semi-automatic shotgun, I'm never one to shy away from aiming my sights (LOL!) at a damn fine deal. And that's exactly what I did last weekend at one of the Tysons Corner Macy's (I forget which one, deal with it.): I procured a $305 coat for $75. And if you'll allow me to wax mathematical real quick, that's over 75 percent off. Tight!

Meet my new winter coat, which I suppose, save for a trip to the Arctic Circle or something, I won't debut in public for at least another eight months or so. (Um, is it wrong to wish for just one sub-zero day?) It's made by Canadian brand Soia & Kyo, which is known for its vintage-inspired designs. Anyway, enough words! Let's move on to some mediocre photos and me smiling with my eyes!

Flip-flops (my makeshift slippers) and fur hood. I personally love the irony.

Notice the toggles below that sweet ass. I have them tightened (um, the toggles, not the ass) in the first photo to create a bubble-hem effect and loosened here to create a more A-line hem.

And you bet those are elbow patches! They go quite swimmingly with the oval cut-out pockets, n'est-ce pas?

Last but most certainly not least -- the price tag. I found this lovely on the "Take an extra 50 percent off rack" at Macy's. I almost fainted.


Capitol Hill 20210 said...

Have you ever tried paintball? I think you would love it.

I think we should do a DC Blogs Paintball game........its good times.

Great coat by the way. said...

I've never been skeet shooting before...I could make a joke about shooting skeet, but since this is my first ever comment on your blog, I'll keep it tasteful :)

I like that coat. Great choice. You might still get a few more days to wear it before you have to pack it up for the Spring.

Marissa said...


No joke could ever be *too* distasteful for The Anti DC! Even skeet jokes.

caroline said...

Hmm, I went to the Ballston Macy's last weekend looking for coats. The only ones small enough to fit me were still $200 on sale, which did not seem like a great deal (though they did look cute on me!). Do I really have to trek all the way up to Tyson's to find a winter coat that's affordable? Shouldn't all Macy's have more or less the same stuff, or does the Tyson's one have better things as some sort of consolation prize for those stuck in Tyson's?