Thursday, April 24, 2008

my mid-blog

And, of course, my favorite belt came out again today. I just can't shake it! Nor, apparently, can I shake my love for sweatervests, in all shapes, forms and colors. Good thing I like 'em!

Sweatervest cardigan -- kimchi & blue; Pants -- Ben Sherman; Belt -- Betsey Johnson (but, judging from my ridiculous obsession with it, you already probably know that); Man hands -- I swear that's the camera angle...

Are you still reading? Maybe half of you? Hmmm...

OK, so you may have noticed The Anti DC has been a touch fashion-heavy this past couple of weeks. I suspect this is either totally awesome to you or utterly annoying depending on where your interests lie. I personally find it rather interesting, as I tend to enjoy personal style blogs (And talking about myself? Guilty.). I've contemplated about branching out and setting up a second blog, but in all fairness to myself and anyone who happens to read this, I don't think it'd end up a worthwhile venture. Put simply -- I just don't have the time to make it a proper project on my own.

On the same token, however, I don't want to veer too far from what this blog's original mission was -- to bitch, moan and joke about life in DC. I it a mid-blog crisis, call it existential megalomania, or even call it caring about what this blog's astute group of readers thinks. I've heard from a few people via comments, E-mail or voicebox that they actually enjoy my amateurish, MySpace-esque, photography skills. And since I like talking about clothes, I've very much enjoyed this addition. However, would it be better elsewhere?'s not always easy to connect a belt to a story about why DC blows. (Unless there's a BlackBerry on that belt, of course. In that case, this blog writes itself.) So, what's a blogger to do?

I guess until I either get the motivation, time and/or partners to get a real fashion blog online, which would hopefully include pictures not only of its contributors and their personal tastes, but also of well-dressed people on the street (there are a few, so rumor says...), my little haphazard forays into bathroom photography will have to suffice. (Hmm...was there a collaboration proposal stuffed in that complex sentence?) Ugh, I dunno. I guess, bloggin' ain't easy. And you know what? It's hard out here for a blogger. Also, Big bloggin', writin' words, big bloggin', on H.T.M.L.'s...*sigh* And lest I forget, they only want me for my Blogger Juice. Dammit, I'm a motherf*cking B.L.O.G.G.E.R.!

See? E-life is tough.

So, now that I've made all my black readers cringe and made all my white readers my mom confused with those last few sentences, I'm going to ask for some e-advice (evice?). Should I move my outfit amour-propre to another site? Or should I keep it all tangled up in the hot mess that has become The Anti DC?

In closing, zoinks.

Thank you for your attention.


I-66 said...

Fashion's not really my bag... but if you don't think you'll be able to adequately keep up a 2nd blog, don't start it.

So what's a half black blogger do about all that blog-hop?

I don't know, but I think I'm gonna go sip on some gin & juice with my mind on my bloggy and my bloggy on my mind.

Shannon said...

Half of me is throwing a shrimp on the barbie (and dreaming of ancestral sheep-shagging and coal mining), about a sixteenth is trading its land for some shiny beads, and the rest of me is drunk.

I might be up for some fashion blogging - let me know.

capitulatenow said...

Hey waaaaaait a minute. I believe I saw this outfit on the metro this morning! On you! I SAW YOU ON THE METRO. How about that. Did things get creepy in here, or is that just me?

I say do the fashion blogging wherever you want, and stuff.

The Vinyl District said...

I think one could be anti-DC and dressed well...under one roof, right?

ms. spinach said...

the joy of a blog is that you can do anything you want! i mean, if you're not getting paid, you might as well have fun.

and if you want to make d.c. a better place by putting some good style out there, i say go for it.

{i admit, i may be slliiiightly biased, because i love the fashion stuff. but the joy of being a blog commenter is that you can say anything you want too.}

N said...

I love the style blogging. More, please!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else. I mean it's your whatever the hell you want!

Oh, and to make it creepier, Capitulate, I think I saw you on the metro about a week or so ago.


Marissa said...


Let me guess, let me guess: You're sippin' on gin and blog? So you cringed just a little, right?


Stay crunk.


Under ordinary circumstances, I'd have said it wasn't me because I don't usually ride the metro to work, but I WAS on the metro yesterday morning! I was headed down to one of the most worthless hearings ever in Congress. I hope I was either dancing to silence or falling asleep. Or both. DC is so small. Creepily so... :)


That's the direction I'm leaning in.

ms. spinach--

I've had those thoughts too. I mean, it is *my* blog, so why the hell not?


I can't say no to my e-bff!

i have thoughts--

The green line is the best, er, creepiest! Is there like a special blogger car or something we're all drawn to? Now that is effing creepy...

Righteous (re)Style said...

Maybe you can combine the two and mercilessly rip apart the outfits of people you have secretly photographed on DC streets and discuss exactly what they did wrong. And then tell them how to do it right. And, then, maybe bitch about how all the boutiques in Georgetown sell the same boring shit . . . or sumthin'

imperialme said...

I say leave it as is. As I sit here in my cargo shorts, old Rock Bottom tee, flip flops and ever-so-loved fisherman's cap, I continue to dream the dream of gaining fame by ending up on your camera.....

Peter said...

As I see it, the two have become pretty linked up in this piece. I mean - your blog bitching about DC is, in large part dedicated to bitching about the bad choices that its residents make when they put on clothes in the morning (in the dark. While drunk. On PCP.) and therefore is already, in a way, about fashion. Bitching about someone else's fashion takes no balls, but then posting pics of yourself after having done so is well, ballsy (hence the man hands?). I say keep it in one spot. Blogs don't have to be on thing or the other. They are LOGS, journals dedicated to one person's interests and as such should reflect the full range of you, not just what is in the title.


Marissa said...

OK, you've all collectively convinced me to keep all my shambles in one place, which means look out for some more sweet pics of some major outfit inventing later this week. Not only did I find some yellow skinny jeans, but I went on an epic thrifting quest and found several vintage goodies.


Shannon said...

BTW, check out this month's cover of Domino. I think Julianne Moore may have rummaged through your stuff and swiped that sweatervest!