Saturday, April 5, 2008

sh*t you should know

I have a couple of friends in town this weekend from New York City. Needless to say, I get a bit nervous when people come in from out of town to be entertained. I mean, DC's nightlife largely fails. And judging from one friend's reaction last night, DC remained true to its roots.
"Marissa, DC sucks. You really weren't lying about the nametags and phones on belts."

"First thing, don't let them catch you mistaking their Blackberrys for regular mobiles. They'll shank you. Second, I'm sorry."
Yep. Good times! But you know what's too bad? That my friends decided to come this weekend rather than next when an actual, bonafide, truly awesome event is going down. That's right, electroganic is back on Friday 4/11 at Bohemian Caverns! And I suggest that all of you who can't stand DC's standard scene of Blackberrys, Now! That's What I Call Music Vols. 1-27, and popped collars, check out this event. (And yes, I realize I've been promoting this event as if I'm getting paid for it, but, trust me, I'm not, which reminds me that I really need to work on my hustle...)

Advance tickets are $10 and available here:

And if you are hip to social networking (unlike myself) and have a Facebook account, you can check out the main event page here:


I-66 said...

Does the fact that I own a Treo instead of a Blackberry make me better or worse than a Blackberry owner? I say better.

Marissa said...

What the eff is a Treo? I just gained a lot more respect for myself for not knowing.

I-66 said...