Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a belt for your thoughts

If there's one thing maintaining a self-centered blog is good for, it's learning about, well, oneself. For instance, through this particular self-centered blog, I've learned that I'm a much funnier bitch than I ever knew (toot toot -- that's my horn). I also learned that I like a good video montage (as long as it involves guns or David "Worst Best Actor Ever" Caruso). And most importantly, I've learned that I love unnecessary belts.

This self-realization once again falls in line with the anti-DC theme of this blog, as most belts I see around town serve either to hike up a person's britches or to lend a place to hang a person's *BARF* BlackBerry. (Don't worry, e-puke is easy to clean.)

I, on the other hand, don't find myself needing belts for either of those purposes. Regarding the former, I think I've made it quite well known that I wear my pants goddamn tight. And with pants so GD tight, you better believe my slacks stick to my rear like a fat kid sticks to the dessert bar at a buffet. And regarding the latter, well, I'm not retarded.

Despite the fact that I don't need a belt, however, I've recently discovered that I kind of just want a belt. And not just any belt, but a noticeable belt, like the sparkly gold vintage piece I wore the other week or my current go-to belt, a wide patent leather gunmetal strip of leather found at well-under-retail a few months ago at the Off 5th outlet in Leesburg (it's Betsey Johnson, in case you're wondering).

Through the wonders of amateur self-photography and my ability to form a simple pattern in my mind (I know! That last part surprised me too!), I've realized that I effing wear this belt ALL THE TIME. Last time I blogged about it, it made me look like Luke Skywalker. Today, however, I'm pretty sure it didn't make me look like a man. Well, hopefully... My mustache takes care of that for me! J/K! Well, hopefully... But anyway, I wore it for the first time to Congress. Sadly, I was at a committee on which my main Congressional squeeze (in my mind) Norm Coleman unfortunately doesn't serve. *single tear*

A little low cut, right? I like to slut it up just in case I run into Norm. FYI: Shirt and cami, H&M; Pants, rag&bone (purchased at a deep, deep discount); Belt: Betsey Johnson.

And I think I found my summer color -- I heart yellow. Shoes, Urban Outfitters (bought online).

PS -- Anyone know where I can procure a pair of ultra-tight tapered yellow pants? Yeah, I said that. And I'm dead serious.

PPS -- Epic BlackBerry on belt photo courtesy of DCist, natch.


Anonymous said...

Your outfit is delish and because I love this blog so much I scoured all over the internets to find this sunshine colored beauty:

Luscious Leo said...

Leo is shocked and a little hurt that you did not mention the piece that started it all ... a patent alligator number with a certain gilded cyclops pachyderm as its buckle? And you say VA never gave you anything ... for shame.

caroline said...

Oddly enough, I've been wanting a pair of yellow flats (and this is coming from someone who never wears flats OR colored shoes). Thanks for finding a source!

HomeImprovementNinja said...

that guy's belt makes him look like Batman rockin' the utility belt. Well, if batman was a dweeb with no muscle tone.

Your belt scares me. It's like the belt that your parents would threaten you with if you ever REALLY got out of line.

"if you think that beating was bad, if I EVER catch you smoking, I will get broad bertha and tan yo' hide."

I-66 said...

You? Yellow? Never saw that one coming...

Marissa said...


I <3 you! Although it's kind of weird that New Zealand apparently refers to skinny jeans as "emo jeans" because I always feel so happy in them! (Ba-dum-ching!)


Do not fret, that particular bedazzled beauty will get its day in the e-sun.


Glad to be of service! (And they're only $28.)


Did you just make fun of my pasty skin tone? Burn...of is it because I'm always so happy and cheerful, I don't really need a happy and cheerful color exaggerating that fact. Yeah. Watch it, Goose!